Good morning Sunday 22nd 2022

Good morning all, nice and sunny here.
Not going out today.
Have a nice day all.

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Good morning Susie and Mr Pheasant and all who follow

Nothing much planned but out with pals later for an Indian meal early doors

Have a good day everyone

Good morning everyone! :wave:

Raining up here again, as usual. No plans for the day yet, just a walk and doing some chores. An easy day.

Have a happy Sunday everybody!

Morning everyone, just back from our walk and having a brew before deciding on the day’s agenda, which will probably be no more exciting than cleaning my playroom, cooking soup for lunch and pottering in the garden.

Have a pleasant Sunday folks :blush:

good morning Susie
It is still only 2:00 am here and it looks like I am going until the sun comes up

Good morning!

I posted yesterday that I didn’t feel very well; nothing serious, but a sort of not - quite - a - cold

Well I feel better today, though still not fully recovered, so I’ll take it easy
I have enough food in, so I’ll probably just read this morning, and make an easy start on a hobby this afternoon.


Glad you are feeling better Zuludog! :+1:

Morning all.

I’m still in bed playing on my phone .

I feel very tired this morning but I had a good but hectic day yesterday and it seems to have taken it out of me so other than taking dad his Sunday roast I plan on doing nothing but resting up for

Summer enjoy your indian meal, I love Indian food.

Zulu glad you are feeling better.

Have a nice day everyone xxxx

Good morn all
Sue and I went to see Andre RIeu yesterday at the Wembley Arena and didn’t get home until today . I now why I hate London so much, London Bridge station all the people like ants scuttering here and there. So crowded and that was not all, got on the underground and packed in like sardines. Never agan thank you.
Going up from Brighton on the train the housing looking out the train window!!! talk about high rise living accomodation Every little space used to the max with tower blocks everywhere, Must be a living hell hole, thank goodness it is not like that around here.
Anyone who wants to visit London must want their heads seen to. Just done my daily walk around the local roads , got to get kinda fit for the holidays

Good morning all you lovely people!

I still have a cough, am chesty and a headache but I think another day in bed should help. My son was off early in the morning to see a friend and won’t be back until late this evening.

It’s freezing here. Currently 11 degrees Celsius.

I think I’ll make kebabs and roti’s for a late lunch. Not much on the go today.

It is why I moved away, RS, the amount of tower blocks being built in and around my home town. Lowestoft has one!

RS that’s my dream concert! So jealous!

Good morning all :grinning: cloudy but dry here.

Had a lovely day yesterday with our son, he lives in Wales so we have only seen him once in the last couple of years due to Covid.

Will be pottering in the garden later.

Enjoy your day folks :slightly_smiling_face:


Good Morning All.

I have been out twice, which is good for me.

First was the plant stall at the Sunday Market, large alliums, 4 for £10, unfortunately I knocked the top off one.

Herbs, chillies and tomato plants, 5 for £12.

I was very happy but needed a rest afterwards.

I have just done Lidl, so home and resting, before pottering in the garden.

Have a good day all.

Managed to get a walk in before the rain set in for another cold miserable day.

On the bright side I didn’t have to watch Andre RIeu at all :wink:

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Lovely day today

Saw my mate Kenny on Britain’s got talent last night playing guitar. Great player.


Morning all.
Warm and sunny here, with a gentle breeze.

I’ve got so much to do outside, I really must get on.
I am finding having so many fiddly pots a bit much this year, I’m sure they breed overnight. :grinning:
I keep saying I am not buying any more plants, but I always see something I really like.

Roast Pork for dinner this evening, yummy.

  • Speedy, I would love to go see Andre Rieu. Did you enjoy it?

Did he make it through?

Not much planned today. Weather has been nice for the last couple days. I got some tv recommendations from my favorite person on the phone yesterday so I might check those out. I also need to get a phone problem sorted but that can wait.

Monday is a holiday here - Memorial day. More reason to take a break.

Have a play-filled day everyone.

Yeah he smashed it.

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Good afternoon everybody.

Tony & I had our booster jabs this morning.

Now going to do some light work in the garden.

Hope everybody’s having a good afternoon…