Good Morning Sunday 19th November 2023

Morning all!

It’s raining! That means that my neighbors weren’t out today. Yay! I could hear them playing their music from their house but it’s far enough away.

That made for a relaxed day, playing with my new tablet and installing meditation apps to try out.

I’m hoping for more rain today or at least more quiet. I’d like to get my apps sorted between my phones and my tablet so I can find things when I need them.

Have a good day everyone.

Morning butter and those yet to arrive.

I wish my NfH would beggar off. It’s the constant opening and slamming of their front door as they use the bins or go to the car, or stay outside to smoke, talk, whatever, that does me. They ought to install a flipping revolving door. And they never seem to be indoors, either. Last night at 9 I let Holly into the garden and went out with a torch, and could her the woman cough. Seems to me they are always out there.

I know I only saw my sister yesterday but she invited me round this morning for coffee, so I will, and can pop into Aldi on the way home. I can stock up on toilet and kitchen rolls, as theirs are more reasonable in price. Then later I must move all my shopping and Christmas decorations upstairs out of the way till needed. I refuse to put up Christmas stuff until December at least.

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Good morning!
Dull & raining

Nothing much planned, I’m slowly waking up with cups of coffee
I’m running a bit low on fresh food, so will probably go to the local shops later … or Sainsbury … or both
And I suspect that will be the most exciting thing I’ll do today

It turned to heavy rain, and still is, so I didn’t go out and made do with the food I have in stock -

Frozen, canned, dried milk, and one remaining token fresh orange

It’s 20 past 10 - time for bed. I doubt I could remember what I did this morning though laundry came into it (I think)