Good Morning Sunday, 18th February 2024

Good Morning all you sunny, sophisticates, singing sacred Sunday sonnets.

I got my washing on the line this morning though I might live to regret it as I just noticed showers are forecast for later today. I am hoping that it is warm enough to dry in a couple of hours.

My grandson has objected to taking the dog for a walk declaring it far too hot - so that is a pleasure denied even though I tried to explain that if he got up earlier it was much cooler. Unfortunately he doesn’t believe there is a time before 9am on a non school day.

Have a restful Sunday, it looks like I am going to.

Take care…

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Good morning, Bruce, everyone!

I’m hoping to be able to get up tomorrow and get outside. It’s a bit on a cold front day here.

Interesting you mentioned a dog. Recently thinking of getting one, however my house is pretty cluttered at the moment. I’m excited to find this chat. Recent empty nester, and finding life to be very different to learn to focus more on self.

I’m also thinking there’s got to be a way to blind hobbies to try and get a 2nd income stream going.

I wish everyone a wonderful Sunday. Its still Saturday here still, but looking forward to getting up and trying to be more productive.



Welcome to morning chat @LookingForward,

I try to wait until after midnight in the UK but I am afraid that it is time for me to go to bed by the time dawn breaks in the USA (for example it is mid arvo here as I type this).

But which ever day it is, just enjoy it!

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UK makes sense now the time difference. Heart to “enjoy life”. Here’s to a good week.

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6.45am here in the UK

but good morning, bit wet here but should improve

we are away till Thursday, fav hotel down the west coast of Wales, good food and drink, warm and cosy even though we will be looking out to sea, now that will be an early morning walkies


Morning all - heavy rain overnight so everything is very wet! A bit brighter today but more rain forecast (anyone know how to build a boat!)

Late start today, well it is Sunday! Nothing planned - weekends are usually spent alone, no family locally and friends, neighbours and in-laws are all busy with their families. Will probably just tidy up, spend far too much time on the lap top or even start reading the book I bought last week!

Hope everyone has a lovely day


Good Day from Foxy’s world… :biking_man:
And welcome to the forum LookingForward…Good to have you aboard… :+1:
I started writing this in the morning but I’ve loads to tell you and it will be afternoon by the time I’ve finished.
A nice dry day yesterday so I pumped up the bike tyres and did my first ride of this year. Not too much traffic once I left the village and I felt surprisingly sprightly, so the 7 miler I had planned turned into a 15 miler. The last couple of miles into a head wind were a bit of a struggle, and it was with rubber legs I dismounted on the drive…But all in all, it was nice to be out. A lot of sitting and kipping on the sofa filled the rest of the day…What the hell happened? Just a few years ago I would have ridden 40 miles, come home and cut the lawns, cleaned the car and swept the drive…
Anyway, after a good nights sleep, listening to the rain beating on the window during the four visits to the toilet, I realised that this mornings walk was going to be moist, to say the least. So I was pleasantly surprised when I set foot outside and the rain had stopped, and the high humidity made the 12 degrees C feel nice and warm. So shorts had been a good choice…
I jogged and walked the 3 mile route, it should have been the 5 mile route down the lane…No chance! Feeling a bit jaded after yesterdays ride I realised that 3 miles was far enough…


Don’t beat yourself up Foxy!
I was never into the time/stopwatch thing but I’ve spent many happy hours being a free spirit cycling through any terrain that took my fancy!
I’m certainly up for buying a new mountain bike around Easter time… I’m not going to be silly!



Thanks Chilli, I suppose after forty odd years of running, with every run recorded with a time and distance, It has just become a bad habit now to wear the stopwatch while out biking.
Although I loved off road and fell running I have always been a roady where cycling is concerned. I’m not obsessed with breaking records or riding to a good time, in fact while I’m riding I don’t care about the time but it’s nice to keep a journal to look back on. Lets face it, all my best achievements are behind me now.
All the best with the Gym and off road biking Chilli, and look forward to reading about your progress…


Love the picture! going to go and have some fun now! thanks for posting

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Hi and a big welcome to the forum LookingForward! I’m sure you’ll have plenty of fun here in in the world of OFC!! As for the picture you’re very welcome, it’s just a picture I found online and posted on a whim, although it is quite amusing! :slightly_smiling_face: :biking_man:

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