Good morning Sunday 17/07/2022


Good morning all, another hot sunny day here.
Off to do our weekly shopping at 10am this morning and that’s about it for the day.
Not having the Traditional Sunday Roast today, making a Curry and Rice instread.

Have a nice day all.

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Took the dog for a walk this morning, cool (21°) but warmer than the last few days, sunny all day.

About 2pm they all arrived from Sydney to reclaim the dog, after an hour peace and quiet returned and I was left alone again.

Jobs to do.

Have a good one.

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Good Morning/Afternoon everyone,

Going to be hot again today - which must be lovely for those of you who like the heat,

I woke uo to find I had had a nose bleed during the night - hair stuck to pillow time!
Bed linen now in washing machine - pillow in wheelie bin - ordered new ones from DunElm.

Dinner will be Tuna Steak with new potatoes, carrots, leaks and Pinto beans - yes, I actally remembered to soak them over night!!

Have a fun day.

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Morning all,

We’ll be making Catalan Honey Cake, this recipe calls for a considerable amount of olive oil, it produces a batter rather than the usual type of cake mix.
It really tastes good but this time we’ll be adding a liberal helping of lemon zest to counter the oiliness and add a little zing.

I certainly won’t be slapping on the Nivea and soaking up the rays…no chance!



Good morning forum. It’s v warm already here and with the twins up early, Sunday breakfast has been arranged for 8:30 and then the cover will be removed from the paddling pool :+1:

Don’t forget that screen cream folks, then you can enjoy the sun​:+1::wave:


Hello there!

It is quiet in our home at the moment, and I am reflecting on my goals and how side tracked they have been over the last few months.

I am still doing well with the exercise and training; down a few more pounds and moving everyday to the tune of 8-10k steps (about 15k on average this week). With regards to school, the Met Office has issued a red alert but our school - as per the guidance of our DfE - will remain open. It will be an interesting few days during our last week of term when half the students stay home.

Nonetheless, the reason for the reflection - I am currently studying part time while working full time, and I am feeling the fear of the thesis looming over me and the lack of work I have directed towards my studies.

I could create a new chat/discussion thread, but here is just fine for my needs right now.

I have the new school year looming and I can see that I will need to make some changes with the amount of work I am doing and probably reduce my days to complete my studies and finish on time.

Lots of thinking to do.

I will be doing an early morning shop and then will not leave my home for the duration of the day. Have lentils, potatoes/rice, veg and salad for lunch and a lemon cake all ready to be consumed throughout the day.

Have a great day everyone!

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Good morning everyone

Barbacue at my daughters today so looking forward to that…although its raining here at the moment I’m sure its just a shower.

Have a great day everyone…stay cool :sunglasses:

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Morning all, warming up here again so looks like being hot later…

An easy day here, just preparing and pickling shallots and nothing else planned.

Take care folks, enjoy your day :blush:

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Good Morning All.

Not the best of nights, I have the dreaded stomach bug which is doing the rounds again.

Definitely hibernating for the next few days.

Enjoy the sun and your BBQS.


What is ‘rain’ ?


Sounds nasty - remember to keep up your fluid intake!


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Good morning everyone :smiley: a lovely day here not too hot at the moment.
I was up at 5:30, showered, hair washed , work done I am waiting for my neighbours son to come and fit an outside tap. With my health problems I can no longer lift buckets of water to water the garden. Just hoping he does an ok job, he is a plumber but that is no guarantee.

Then a day of looking at mobile phones, I need a better one with Wifi because I am going to lose my landline when I have fibre broadband installed . I can no longer cope with .3 mbps and fibre is now £10 a month cheaper.

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'M44 You sounds like someone who will achieve regardless of being slightly off track, but I have often found the nicest things off the beaten track. Good luck and keep us updated

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@SilverTabby A mythical event LOL

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@Swimfeeders if you take quite a few antibiotics check for C.diff or mention to your GP maybe.

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@Meg sSounds like a busy day stay safe in this warm weather how is the Chloe getting on with it?


Thank you Kazz!

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Morning all!

Temp is heating up again. I just realized that heat here is different than heat in the UK. 31 degrees C is nice weather for here.

I’ve been watching bits and pieces of the 24 hour masterclass. It’s been good. Still several hours left of it.

I hope to be talking to my favorite person on the phone again tomorrow. It was nice to be talking today. Had lots to catch up on.

Have a magnificent day everyone.

Just got to say susi j,s church photo looks lovely