Good Morning Sunday 15/8/21

Good morning all (don’t know if I have put this in the right place).
Nice and sunny here.
Nothing planned for the day.
Have a nice day all.


Morning all.

Yes, that sun is lovely. Hope it stays for the day.

Decided yesterday, when getting out some minted lamb swirls to defrost for cooking today, in a roast, to do a bit of baking, so got some pastry out to defrost also. Depending on how much there is, I want to make a few jam tarts, and a few cheese and tomato ones. They will bake in my mini oven so shouldn’t be too hot in the kitchen. I expect the back door will be open for the dog to be in and out. *thinks, I must put up the insect screen that came off.

Still got my headache. Wish it would go.

Have a lovely Sunday.

My local butcher makes those - they are really delicious - I could be there by lunchtime - and I adore Westies!!

ST, I will set you a place at the table.
I tried making them myself, with minced lamb and mint marinade powder. The pastry swirl was nothing as straight or uniform like theirs. The butchers must have a Masters in Art and Craft!

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Good Morning everyone,

Warm and sticky - but cloudy - here today.

Been commissioned to make a card - so will be relaxing in the Craft Room for the day.

Have a lovely day everyone.

Good morning everybody, another dull start, but dry and warm so I’m not complaining.

Will have to finish emptying the downstairs hall of ‘stuff’ today, and make sure all my fabric in the dining room is properly under cover or stashed away upstairs, because tomorrow the builders will be in to hack off the old plaster in the hallway, ready for re-plastering in a couple of weeks time (the wall needs time to breath, let out any damp spores. Or something).

Enjoy your Sunday folks :slight_smile:

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Good morning everyone! Having a resting day with the dog today after her leg sprain yesterday. She was quite restless during the night, but is catching up on sleep now. I’m about to have some breakfast and potter about tidying up. Have a lovely day everybody :smiley:

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A very good Sunday morning to all. :wave: nice and bright in the Weald at the moment. Promises to be a nice day, may even attack the garden. :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :wink:

Oh poor doggie! What did she do?

She was running about with a ball, Sheba and twisted her leg. I had to carry her home.
Oh the drama…! - Pets & Animals / Pets & Animals: Your Photos / Art - Over 50s Chat

Good morning everyone, dry here but overcast, hoping the sun will break out later as we have quite a large family gathering here today, almost the meeting of the clans judging by the size of the banquet!

Lots to do, so just wishing you all a good day :blush:

Good morning one and all… :slightly_smiling_face:
Beans picked and Chloe walked I am heading for a hair wash and shower before making some more bread rolls for the family.

Enjoy your day…

Good morning all :slightly_smiling_face: slightly overcast here, o sign of rain though.

Our granddaughter visited us yesterday, it was lovely seeing her and catching up on the news.

Enjoy your day folks…

Good afternoon all

Dog walked and washing on the line, all the houses radiators cleaned inside and out and any remedial rust dealt with. Paintwork all the houses cleaned down with sugar soap .

Mags did your daughter manage to get to see her brother and is he enjoying home cooking?

@Kazz No, unfortunately she didn’t Kazz, she wasn’t well enough to see anyone.

He definitely enjoyed home cooking again though :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: He went back to Wales yesterday but it was nice to have him here for two days.

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Thats a shame Mags, glad your granddaughter came over and so pleased you could see your son how soon before you can go see him?