Good Morning Sunday, 11th February 2024

Good morning fellow forecasters, will it rain or won’t it? That is the question.

Before I went for my dogless, morning walk I bunged the my bedding (and my visitor’s) in the machine to put on the line when I returned.

Took a plastic bag with me this morning to pick up roadside rubbish, it is not something I do all the time, just an occasional thing. It is mostly fast food containers and straws but it gives me something to do as I walk and I like to think it makes the place look better. Ended up easily filling the bag and dumping it in a council bin on the way home.

After getting rid of the rubbish went shopping for a few things I need, there are still some empty spaces on the shelves because supply lines are disrupted because of labour shortages (I think).

Actually just remembered it rained last night and I have not taken the reading in the rain gauge… gawd, I live a full life! :wink:

Anyway hope that your weather is as pleasant as mine and that your day keeps you busy and/or entertained.

All the best…

good morning Bruce and all who follow

a tad later than usual but it is Sunday

misty at the moment but hoping it clears for a drive out and a walkies, take some salted caramel cake and coffee with us…i live the high life dunni

Good morning!
Dry & clear after a bit of morning mist, light cloud with blue sky starting to break through

As I’ve mentioned, I’ve had a sort of cold that has lingered on for ages, but I’m feeling better now
The place is untidy and needs a clean, so I’ll make this the start of a good clean up & spring clean
At the speed I go that will probably take the rest of the week

However, for today I’ll be catching up with 3 letters & emails that I meant to send in January
Then I can tackle the rest of it with a clear conscience

Morning everyone - not much planned for today - weather grey and dull and it looks like it might rain! Lovely surprise last night - sister in law turned up with flowers for me as a welcome back from my trip abroad, so kind.

How kind of her
Have you been somewhere nice ?

Visited family in Australia for 2 months - had a wonderful time but now having problems getting used to UK weather!

Good Morning from Foxy’s World… :nerd_face:
Got an eye test booked for 12:15 today, don’t they know Sunday is a day of rest and big dinners? How come everywhere is booked up all the time? Dentists, Doctors, brickies, plumbers, and schools are bursting at the seams and pupils are having to be driven to a school 20 miles away…Perhaps if the council weren’t allowing companies to build ten thousand new houses (I kid you not) and increase the population of Doncaster by at least 20,000 people, surgeries etc might be able to cope. They want to build 170 new houses on a field at the end of our road, so I’m going to write a strongly worded letter of objection…If that doesn’t do any good I’ll glue myself to the road. Naked!
Just did my three mile canal walk this morning, it was supposed to be a five mile walk but with all the rain lately the lane is flooded and deep in mud…Thanks a bunch farmer Giles for driving your tractors down there and mincing it all up… :009:
Anyway, I jogged some long stretches (ran me legs off) and thought I would have smashed my record to bits…I got home and stopped the watch…and it was just an average time…
Going to find a garden centre that does a decent Sunday dinner after the eye test…I’ve got a couple in mind…Pick up the daughter and her hubby on the way, she helped me unravel the mysteries of my smartphone last night, but they can buy their own dinner, she didn’t help that much…

Afternoon … having a lazy day. Day or rest and all that after my labours during the other 6.
Was going to go for a walk but it’s going awful dull, dark and dank.

I feel your pain…

I have a friend in her 80s who came to Australia as a 14 year old with her parents in the very early 1950s. She really resented being torn from her friends/family and (to cut a long story short) said that as soon as she was 21 she would go back to England to live. When she left school she worked as a secretary solely with that aim.

Came the day she was old enough, off she happily flew back to the UK, alas, after experiencing the first winter she begged her father to lend her the money for her fare to return to Australia, she could no longer tolerate the cold.

You have to laugh, she tells this story quite depreciatingly.