Good morning Saturday 9th April

Good morning all, another frosty one out there at the moment but a sunny day ahead they say. :sunglasses:

Our daughter and SIL have finally had their offer accepted for a new house, :clap: which will need some renovations and alterations, so some of my day will be taken up with drawing some plans and working out some costs for the work. It will make a nice place when finished, so exciting and busy times ahead for them! Shame they just tested positive for C19 on the same day… :roll_eyes:

Have a pleasant day everyone :blush:

Ouch - fingers crossed it doesn’t develope!

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Good Morning/Afternoon everyone.

It is very cold here today - am negotiating a deal with the Housework Goblins to keep myself busy and warm!

Three deliveries due today - Sainsbury’s, Amazon, and Pharmacy2u.

Stay warm, stay safe, have fun!

Good morning all, nice and sunny here but very cold.
Getting the bus into Town this morning, it will be the first time out on the bus since my Surgery, so hopefully I will be alright.
Have a nice day all.

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Morning all.

Susie, make sure the bus driver lets you sit down before they move away. And hold on tight. I’m sure if you have your stick with you they should notice. Have fun.

I am hoping to get to a SM today, as need some Anchor spread, but can’t decide whether to faff about getting my sholley, emptying it, and walking about 10m to the main road for the bus…or just hopping into the car. I can get there in less than 10 minutes, driving, but had hoped not to use the car more than twice a week. The bus will take much longer with the walk and having to wait for one. Let’s see how I feel later.

Beautiful blue sky out there this morning, with the sun pouring through my bedroom window, but having opened my back door briefly, earlier, I can agree it is still cold.

Enjoy your day.


Hope everything goes well Susie.

A frost here and a lousy forecast today.

Paula and Millie are coming today.

Millie, 6 years old, has been in rebel mode last week so has ended up with no pocket money for the Easter Holidays.

She will be all over me like a rash to earn money today.

It is so, so, funny.

Mum has given me strict instructions to only pay her for what she does and under no circumstances am I to get her a McDonalds for lunch.

Have a good day all.

Morning all, lovely sunny day here. Off out shortly to take granddaughter for her swimming lesson, then her mum has an appointment in town so I’ll bring granddaughter back here for some arts and crafts.

Our son will be bringing his fiancée and brand new baby home at some point today, so we may get to see them, but his boys come first and I’ve said we can wait as I don’t want to overwhelm the new mum on her first day home. Stayed up late last night to make a little dress for the baby, and just as I’d nearly finished it I found I’d put the skirt on back to front (it’s a different shaped yoke on the front). Well it was 10.15 and I’m usually in bed by then, haha! So that’s got to be unpicked and put right at some point today.

Have a lovely day folks :blush:

Good morning all :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

A beautiful sunny day with clear blue sky, still has that nip in the air though.

Off out to the clinic this morning to have our second booster jab.

Enjoy your day folks :slightly_smiling_face:

Morning everyone…its a gorgeous morning here in Yorkshire too bright and sunny…have my little grandson Danny coming to stay the weekend too so all is right with the world :slight_smile:

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend…catch some sunshine if you can…vitamin D and all that :grin:

Good morning!

It was very cold & frosty earlier this morning, about 06-00, but it was clear with all the makings of a fine sunny day
And that has happened, it’s warming up, the frost has all but gone, with a clear blue sky & sunshine

I’ve had a sort of a cold for the past week or so, and I’ve been living off packet, canned, & frozen food I got in for just that possibility, so today is shopping - at the local shops and Sainsbury, and possibly Iceland

Good morning everyone!

Looks like a wonderful summers day outside, but step out and the coldness takes your breath away! No plans yet, but dog has been out, breakfast has been eaten, so the rest of the day is free. I might do something wild and sort out the cupboards and fridge :smiley:

Have a lovely day everybody! :wave:

Oh well, at least a day to remember.

Still wet and miserable here, still saturated ground, still fed up.

Have a good one

Janet, I managed to get into Town ok, the bus driver lowered the step for me and waited until I was seated, I managed to do 3 hrs walking without sitting down, but am paying for it now, just taken some painkillers.

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Wow, that was a long time walking about, Susie.

I took the bus and sholley to Tesco. Only a minute or two wait going, about an hour in store, then a good 10-15 mins wait coming home, and that wind was very cold. Glad to be indoors but will need to walk Holly shortly, so will wear a thicker coat.

Wow - well done Susie. Did you leave hubby at home?
I bet he was concerned about you.

No Carol, hubby came with me, not been out on my own yet, just in case I fall or something.

Fine and sunny and, at last, the wind has dropped to nothing but a zephyr.