Good Morning Saturday 8th April 2023

Morning all!

It rained all of yesterday morning. :slightly_smiling_face: Neighbors were still noisy but thankfully not blasting music in the yard.

I took a break yesterday.

Tomorrow is up for grabs.

Have a good day everyone.

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Good morning all, no sun yet but mild outside.

Off to the shops at 8am to get the bus, have seen a pair of shorts I like, so might buy them.

Have a nice day all.

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Morning all.

I was still dead to the world when Susie went out. Up now.

No plans.

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Good morning!

It’s a lovely bright & sunny morning!

Nothing much planned, though the carpet in the living & bedrooms could do with being vacuumed
On the other hand, the combination of the tail end of Lockdown and winter makes me feel as though I’ve been stuck in for ages
So I think I’ll get out somewhere, but not sure what -

Perhaps a stroll round the park and on into town,
or catch a bus to another local town, or a ride round the local countryside

EDIT - I know; I’ll go and see my friend who has a secondhand tool stall on a local market, have a chat with him, then probably a bus ride or two

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Brilliant sunshine after a very cold start to the day.

Online shopping for garden fertilizers and seeds today.

Have a good day all.

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Its still a miserable day here in Suffolk.

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A fine morning here. We walked to the pharmacy at about 0900. It is about an hour but we like to get the exercise. Now we are expecting visitors. They lived next door to us before we moved to Yorkshire.

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Well, wee bit late :crazy_face:sorry. So, good afternoon. Went shopping with daughter. Got ourselves prezzies for Easter. Food and supplies for fortnight.

Couldn’t find a small enough leg of lamb for Easter Sunday dinner. Instead, we got a pack of lamb leg steaks. Well have that with steamed veggies , chips and cheddar sauce and the obligatory but oh so sweet, mint sauce.

Dinner tonight, beef/chicken fajitas (finally found great pack of peppers). We prefer Greek-style yoghurt instead of sour cream, less calories better calcium intake.

Second cup of coffee for both of us. Small OJ for vitamin C.

Beautiful day near 11°C sunny, warm in the sunlight but cooler and windy in the shades. Enjoyed beef trimmings sandwiches and potato leeky instant soups.

Watched Sister Act 1&2 last night. Today it’s Cecil B Demile, The Ten Commandments and tomorrow HOP is on the list.

Happy Easter all. Don’t overdo it on the Chocolates!

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Lamb is not our thing so we are having steak. A chacon son gout…

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mmm Supernatural, your dinners sound nice, we don’t celebrate Easter, so tomorrow its Hunters Chicken, Roast pots and vegs. Monday’s dinner don’t know just something simple.

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Haven’t really celebrated it in the past 6 years. Hubby was preoccupied with his health. Due to this most holidays when out the window after our son died.

Now that hubby has died too, a year at the end of this month, daughter and I have done our birthdays last year, then Christmas. Then Mother’s Day (in March here), my birthday and hers, then Christmas again.

The other dates we were celebrating are kind of bringing us down and we’re trying to heal and recover.

However, I love beef, chicken, pork, turkey, lamb and various seafood. Plentiful veggies and fruits as well. Organ meats too! That’s what happens (:rofl::rofl::rofl:) when two cultures get together, meals get inventive and extensive. Sorry had to include this here, it was both a fun and weird time!