Good Morning Saturday, 6th April 2024

As predicted it was a very wet night, my rain gauge overflowed at 106mm of rain, it was pouring down until about 8am but by 9am the sun was out on a very wet, soggy garden. No problems for me but a few places have been evacuated as river levels rise. As @OldGreyFox said yesterday being flooded must be terrible and for some of these people it is the second time in as many years

My 3D Printer was busy overnight printing out a holder for the the remote controls in my camper, I intend to screw it to the wall in there somewhere. It is ridiculous that I need three but there it is. It is not a smart TV and rarely gets watched but it can be handy. The holder design basically gave me something to do yesterday arvo. It took about 10 hours to print.

I have no particular plans for today as I didn’t expect the sun to come out but even so will save the laundry until tomorrow. Probably will need to go shopping later.

Have a lovely day wherever you are:

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good morning from north west England as day breaks, storm Kathleen isn’t showing much as yet, in fact forcast a sunny day in general. Grand prix on mid day anyways


Morning all - weather overcast today - storm Kathleen hasn’t shown here in South Gloucester yet either macywack. I really hate when they forecast strong wind - comes from when I lived in a 120 year old cottage which had 4 chimneys, I was always convinced that one of them would topple during a storm!

I’m impressed with your computer skills Bruce! Have to say since I retired technology has gotten away from me - I wish there were classes locally which could teach people like me the intricacies of computers. I can do basics but a lot of things are a mystery to me!

Beast was very good last night and left no little gifts and she also went out on her garden patrol after her breakfast.

Received a quote from the carpenter for the cabinet I want made - ouch!! I may have to take up reverse stripping to pay for it (that is where people pay me to keep my clothes on!)

Take care - hope everyone has a lovely day

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Good late afternoon from Foxy’s Gaff… :classical_building:
A bit pushed this morning doing Tesco and then off to look for somewhere to have lunch.
Ended up in a place called Brigg at a very nice but crowded garden centre…Too many kids.
I decided to take a scenic route back home with attractions, I wonder if anyone can recognise this famous bridge? Here are some stills off the dashcam, I haven’t got the facilities to download moving pictures as yet…Sorry… :flushed:
01 Humber Bridge

And you can rent a Foxy if you like, this was in the toll queue, what a coincidence…
03 Foxy Rentals


What was the toll for? Why was there a queue, did you have to pay cash?

Sydney and Melbourne have cashless tolls, I have a thing on my windscreen that goes “Bing” when I hurtle through a toll point and the toll magically disappears from my account and I get a statement every quarter.

Golden Gate Bridge?

Good to see some photos of your day.

It always amazes me how well people pick up new technology, So many people at my seniors club in the past have said things along the lines of, “I’ll never get the hang of these mobile phones” yet a few years down the track they have ditched the landline and their mobile phone is their only phone, their computer, camera etc.

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It’s not that I don’t want to learn Bruce - just I have no-one to show me how!

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