Good morning Saturday 5th February

Good morning all, just above freezing here and rain forecast for later, brrr…

Just about to head off to the forest with the hounds, and then the plan for the day is staying in and keeping warm with a book and maybe a film later on. Just a pizza for lunch with a few wedgies.

Have a pleasant day everyone :blush:

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Morning Barry and all that follow.
Grey and overcast here in the West Country.
Off to the theatre in Bath this afternoon to see the Da Vinci Code.
Have a good one all :slightly_smiling_face:

Good morning everyone! Its dark and raining again - whats new?

Off on the train today to visit our daughter in Edinburgh. Haven’t physically seen her since May last year (!!) due to work, her studies/ placement, and of course covid.

Have a lovely day everybody :wave:

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Morning all.

I thought it was very cold in the night.

No plans for today, just collecting my laptop later from the computer repair shop, as the battery I ordered has yet to arrive. I might as well use the device while I am waiting, and try out the new power cable. The battery is being shipped from overseas, and it seems will take a good few weeks.

Not a very nice day, occasional showers with temps in the mid 20s. Really am fed up with this la Nina. The forecast predicts showers until Wednesday.

My son drove down after night shift on his ship to pick up his dog. He was tired so didn’t stay long but helped me load up my car for a trip to Canberra on Wednesday.

Spent some of the afternoon with the vacuum trying to get rid of some of the dogs fur.

Have a good one.

Good morning everyone! Enjoy your day all :slight_smile:



Good Morning All.

Cold and miserable here, with a stiff breeze.

Some housework this morning, just the basics and this afternoon one of my helpers is arriving with teenage daughter to start clearing out some more stuff from storage and putting it on sale, she is very good at that.

Have a good day all and stay safe.

Morning everyone, currently dry and sunny, but there are heavy clouds around, and I think we’ll get rain later.

We’ll be providing a taxi service this weekend for our granddaughter, taking her to a couple of parties, one today and one tomorrow. As all birthday parties seem to be these days, one will be at a soft play centre and the other at a trampoline hall. Both, of course, miles away and not on a bus route, so Nana and Grandpa to the rescue!

Have a pleasant Saturday folks :blush:

Here in Dorset can you believe its spring like its clear and sunny a coat needed but bright . Just made almond scones as got friends coming round for coffee later . Enjoy your day

Good Morning all, weird weather here, freezing cold, bright and sunny and a bit of sleet in the air when I went for my walk!

Enjoy your Saturday everyone

Morning all,

Finally catching up on the sleep I’ve been missing due to the noise around here lately. Sleep is the best thing ever. :sleeping:

Have a great day everyone!

Morning all, did a dummy run to the Hospital this morning to see how long it will take us to get there for my surgery, it took exactly 50 mins and it was easy to find.

Have a nice day all.

Morning all. It’s breezy, bright, and cold here, only about 4 degs when i looked at the garden thermometer.

I want to do a bit of bulk cooking for the freezer today, then hopefully clip one of the dogs, so a nice quiet day at home hopefully.
Enjoy your day folks.

Best of luck with the hospital, Susie. X

Good Morning from Foxy’s world… :039:
Tesco run completed…
Breakfast completed…
Forum business completed…(although its always ongoing)
Very strong winds forecast with some rain chucked in for good measure. So I’d better get off for my walk before all hell breaks loose…
A good ten miles yesterday with some jogging to keep warm…Shorts weren’t my best decision…So it’s just a walk today in full kit…

Shorts? Hope you’ve got your thermal drawers on underneath, Foxy. :grinning:

Absolutely not Mups, thermals are for wimps!
Should have worn me bottoms though, but I’ve just come back from this mornings walk and the wind was ‘Bracing’ so I wore the bottoms today…Only walking today though, I was feeling a bit tired after yesterdays extra long one…

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Good morning everyone :smiley: a busy one cooking for the freezer …Chole and Aloo gobi which I am having for lunch with some wild rice .

I am still having back problems and sitting at a computer is not comfortable . I hope to get the ironing done this afternoon before adopting my favourite position at the moment laying flat on the floor.

Enjoy yoir day :slightly_smiling_face:

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Crikey @Meg ,for a minute there I thought you were having Chloe plus Aloo gobi for lunch :rofl:

Sorry to hear that you are still suffering, I do hope you start to feel better before too long…

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Good afternoon all - yes, I’m late…:frowning:
We have had a sort of busy day. We walked the dogs as usual and it was cold at 4C. Then my missus went to see the lady who has Ozzie. The is trying to quit smoking and instead use Vaps. Well neither us smoke and my wife was trying to work out how to operate these. Failed so she went across to our neighbour. Eventually they worked it out - or at least Youtube did.

And another stroll just avoiding the rain.

Good afternoon. Why is it that the weather is almost always shite on a weekend? It’s been blowing a gale and raining on and off since we got up this morning.

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