Good Morning Saturday 4th November 2023

Morning all!

Did a few financial tasks. Mostly was trying to take it easy. The morning started out poorly with some dreams and things feeling off. It got better as the day wore on.

The weather was really nice for this time of year. Daylight saving time is Sunday Nov. 5 for me, so it’s coming up.

Been having fun with my library services. I found some cozy mystery movies that I can borrow online for 7 days on a binge watch pass. I can watch anything on that website for 7 days for 1 credit. I’m watching a movie based on a book I’ve listened to on audio. Fun!

Today is another day waiting to see if my neighbor will be a jerk.

Have a good day everyone.

Good morning Butterscotch and everyone else to come in yet.

Looks like it might be a good day, but very cold.

Off out at 8am into Town.

Have a nice day all.

Good morning all!
Peeing down again this morning, the temperature is definitely dropping and becoming more seasonal. I’m going into town to pay a bill and indulge in a bit of shopping. We’re hoping to get into the woods tomorrow for a bit of foraging so I need to buy a couple of bits and pieces to take along with us

Have a good day people :+1:

Morning all.

Just started to rain but might be stopping soon. Wonder if that’s going to last all day?

No set plans just yet.

good morning all ,
raining at the moment, the fireworks kicked off last night . I think my dogs hearing must be going cause she didnt panic like she normaly does at loud noise .
Not sure what im doing today, might do some baking ,Apple Pie maybe or apple crumble ,
I bought some Bramley Apples …
Or Scones, I also bought dried sultanas,
Then theres my new Jigsaw , I could do that .

Have a good day all

Good Morning Everyone… :walking_man:
Tesco shopping done… :white_check_mark:
But morning walk not done…Yet… :negative_squared_cross_mark:
Rain is forecast anytime around now, but I intend to do my walk and come back down the muddy lane…Wish me luck…

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Good luck Foxy…go for it :+1:

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Good morning! (just!)
Dry but cloudy

Got up about 8 - ish had a cup of coffee, didn’t feel too lively so went back to bed
Got up again about 11 and feel better

I’ll do a bit of tidying, have dinner, then press on with some knife making - I’ve had a couple part made and hanging around for ages, so let’s clear them up before Christmas.

Thanks Chilli… :+1:
By the time I left the forum and put on my walking stuff it had started raining, not to be deterred I thrust myself out and proceeded down the street in a fine, saturating mist. As I joined the main road it had turned into proper rain, and the path across the field was sodden with small puddles of standing water. The path in the woods was strewn with wet slippy leaves and I jogged to avoid slipping. Strange how falls have only occurred in the past while walking, never jogging. I reached the cycle path at the other side of the wood and it felt good to have the assured footing one gets while walking on tarmac. Alongside the busy A18 for a mile and half, and it was good to leave the noise of the traffic behind as I turned into St Mary’s road, a quiet backstreet leading to the lane.
The rain had stopped by now, and the first part of the boulder strewn lane was quite navigable with only a few small watery depressions. Alongside a field adjacent a wood which, although slippy in places, provided no obstacles and going was good. With just over a mile to go, I jogged the last couple hundred yards down a tree lined path and onto the lane proper.
The last mile was full of lake sized puddles and pot holes but there was always a way round without getting wet feet, although the running shoes I was wearing offered no resistance to the rain and wet grass, and my feet had long since felt the cold oozing of water seeping in.
I arrived home happy and dry from the thighs up, shorts would have been a better choice because the bottoms I wore were quite damp and cold, bare legs would have soon dried once the rain had stopped. A good five mile jaunt for a Saturday though…
It’s absolutely tipping it down now as I write this, but I’m glad I decided to take the plunge…Literally.