Good Morning - Saturday 4th December

Good Morming/Afternoon everyone.

Had a long walk first thing - very dark and very cold.
Just going to tuck into boiled eggs and a stack of toast. Then I will round up the ingredients to make chilli con carne for tonight’s dinner - actually remembered to soak the beans last night! After that … who knows?!

Stay safe.

Morning ST.

Blimey, I bet it was dark! I’m sitting by my bedroom window with a coffee and first tablets, and the light is just about creeping in. Holly would certainly never entertain the idea of being out and about much before 9. Though when she stays with her carer he would get her up about 6.30, and I exclaimed ‘wow, she’s not a morning dog, like her mum’

Now, decisions. Shall I go to the library today?

Hummph, rotten weather again, oh well…

Happy days…

Good morning all.

I’m off out in a minute with Hubby and my Stick to Gorleston, need to go to QD, Wilko, Iceland and Poundland if I can manage to walk that far, as I am in terrible pain today and the Doctors and Hospital just don’t care.

Have a nice day all.

Good morning everybody!

Its gloomy with rain and dampness and a chilly 2 degrees.
No plans for today yet, I’ll just see how it all unfolds.

Have a nice day everybody :wave:


Good Morning All.

Cold, wet and miserable here.

I feel the need to get stuck into something positive today, so will hunt out all the techie stuff I have and try to charge it before the teenagers come to sort me out, again.

Have a good day all and stay safe.

Morning all, no plans here either but hopefully something will turn up.

Have a pleasant day everyone :blush:

Good morning everyone :slightly_smiling_face: cold bright and windy and I am taking advantage of this to do lots of washing on a perfect drying day.

I am waiting for some chickpeas to cook before making a batch of chickpea curry for the freezer. Also chatting to my isolating 11 year old grandaughter, it’s horrible being shut away alone for 10 days at that age.

Enjoy your day …

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Good morning all

Boiled eggs and marmite toast here lovely-jubbly (as Delbuy says)

Bright here off to get some bits and pieces and then start preparation for decorating as on holiday this week. That bug virus thing really threw me l think.

Have a good day all

Tomorrow afternoon a meal out with some friends tomorrow for a birthday/Christmas get together just the 6 of us., not been out at all to speak of for a while so will be nice catch-up.

Better now than in a couple of weeks Meg I suppose hope she is okay “Say hello to her from me”

Oh no sorry to hear that…hugs

Good morning from ‘out in the rural sticks’ to you all. :039:

Chilly again this morning, although the sun is streaming in the windows.
The forecast is for rain later this afternoon. Maximum temperature 5ºC.

Nothing planned, just whatever gets done is enough for today.

Enjoy your day everybody, whatever you may be doing.

Morning Awl!
Had a morning stroll with our neighbour. and the dogs, his and mine. A fine morning and a nice sociable chat… His dogs are Lhasa Apsos which are pretty small compared to big Max but they get along famously.

Now my wife is having her booster, hopefully no problems - the other shots were fine.

Morning everyone, looks nice out the window at the mo, but lots of rain forecast so washing’s not going out today.

A lazy day is on the cards today, after 2 days of getting up at the crack of dawn to look after my granddaughter - she’s in isolation again! Long story, but suffice to say that her first PCR test went astray, so my daughter had no concrete evidence for the school that she actually had Covid. We all know she did, she had two successive positive LFTs and was very poorly for a few days. But the school wanted evidence, and a 2nd PCR came back positive (because Covid stays in the system for up to 90 days, so a PCR will pick this up). So now the school is insisting she isolates for a further 10 days. Add to the mix that I’ve got the mother and father of all colds. So a lazy weekend, then a full week of getting up early to look after GD :see_no_evil:

Have a good Saturday everyone :relaxed: