Good Morning Saturday, 27th April 2024

It’s the weekend - hooray!

Didn’t go for my walk this morning. Yesterday my back started playing up so I took one of my painkillers and spent the evening sitting or lying. It is better this morning but I have been packing the car for my trips so it might not remain so but I hope that getting it all done early will mean that by the time I go (probably Tuesday) all will be well.

Still quite cool but warming up over the next couple of days until it gets to a respectable 25° on Monday, after which another southerly is predicted which will drop the temperature to low 20s or high teens.(I have packed my down puffer jacket)

Don’t have much planned today, will try to rest for most of it.

How is your day going? Any plans?


Good morning Bruce, it’s 7am here, very cold, only 9C,so I won’t venture out yet. Apparently temperatures will rise today, should be warm and sunny hopefully. So I’ll get outside and do some pruning. I should start thinking about preparing my vegetable garden, to plant a few tomato plants.

Wishing you well and a have a good trip.

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Good morning all!
Yet another gloomy overcast morning in West Sussex with some rain forecast… surprise surprise! :roll_eyes:
I shall be leaving for work shortly at a local sports venue. I’m anticipating a ten hour shift and it’s going to be fun but very full on. I’m gonna be frazzled by home time and might just have a couple of ice cold Kronenbourgs or glasses of Merlot, just for medicinal purposes of course.
Anyway, it hardly seems decent to contemplate such things at this hour of the morning :nauseated_face:

Have a good day forum people :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:


Good morning all :slight_smile: Have a great day :slight_smile:



Morning all – woke to rain this morning, rain forecast for this afternoon and strong winds and rain for tonight – anyone know when and where Noah is doing the pick up! :rowing_man:

Will forgive you for not taking your walk this morning Bruce – back pain can be debilitating, take it slow and easy with packing the car.

I think a reviving drink after a hard days work is mandatory Chilli!! I have been known to take one or three even after doing nothing all day! :wine_glass:

Did a bit too much yesterday and my foot started hurting again late afternoon, still hurting this morning but I have to venture out to the supermarket as I am in need of fresh veggies, fruit etc. I will take a couple of painkillers before I go and hope I don’t crash the car! Think I will have to give in to my neighbours nagging and ring the surgery on Monday and try to get an appointment (that will be fun!) :roll_eyes:

Apart from shopping I plan to do very little today – fortunately a new book was delivered yesterday! Will also refill the bird feeder so I can have some entertainment watching them.

Take care – have a good day everyone


Good morning Chaps and Chapes’s from Foxy’s World… :sleeping_bed:
Rest day today so no walking or jogging, however, it was an early visit to Tesco for fresh veggies and biscuits… :nerd_face:
Overcast and un-seasonally cold, the North East wind isn’t taking any prisoners this morning… :cold_face:
Lunch at one of my favourite garden centres at Wentworth, food is excellent but it can get a bit crowded…Bawling kids everywhere… :grimacing:
Hope your back clears up in time for your trip Bruce, and enjoy your tipple Chilli whatever you decide to choose, you will have deserved it after a hard day at work…I don’t think I could last an eight hour shift anymore, let alone a ten hour one… :009:
Hope your foot isn’t too serious Sheila, but it sounds like Plantar Faciitis and it can be hard to shift…good luck at the quacks anyway…


Thanks OGF - don’t think it is Plantar Facilitis as I believe that affects the heel, the pain is on the top of my foot close to the big toe joint.

Hope the lunch went well - why don’t parents control their kids when in a cafe/restaurant? Very annoying for other customers and I am sure the people working there must go home with splitting headaches!


It’s funny thing backs, it went crook for no reason but yesterday I was carting heavy(ish) stuff to load up the car yet this morning was fine and went for my walk as usual. It is annoying in its unpredictability.

A couple of blokes I used to work with developed “spurs” on their heels (I think it is a boney growth) and had to have them filed off. The thought of it made me cringe but they were as right as rain after the operation.

I hope it clears up whatever it is. Could yours be arthritis? I have it in my hands but it moves about and affects different joints at different times. The can be quite sensitive one week then fine the next.

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