Good Morning Saturday, 24th February 2024

Good Morning all you sustainability seekers on this soft, sibilant Saturday.

It was raining this morning on my walk but not enough to warrant using the umbrella. Had a warm shower and dry clothes once I returned home anyway. After yesterday’s temperatures in the mid 30s today will be much cooler - in fact ten degrees milder and this rain will disappear very shortly according to the radar.

Spent some time indoors using my 3D printer yesterday arvo with mixed success but then the southerly change roared through, dropped the temperatures dramatically and brought thunderstorms in its wake - very refreshing!

Will probably postpone my trip planned for next week until mid March as the temperatures inland are going to be 40+. That is not holiday weather, I am sure I will find something to do at home.

Take care, stay this side of the grass. Have a fun day…

Good evening and looking forward to my morning,

Tomorrow should be a better day. A friend came in town, left town and spent the day with their family friend. Tomorrow will be all about me and not planning to see anyone.

A morning exercise, and Starbucks is sounding about right.

I still need to firm up March plans, but hoping temperatures will stay normal in the 60-70F range.

Here’s a good weekend


good morning from here in the UK, at 0 degs but NO RAIN, can you believe it

bit cold for the garden, Mrs M wants a new car, not sure how that will pan out

at least we can go for walkies in the dry

Morning all - hurrah we have some sunshine (also the occasional shower but let’s be grateful for small mercies!).Bruce and LookingForward - you both put me to shame as I do very little exercise, using a duff knee as my excuse!

Went in to feed neighbours cat - she didn’t leave me any little “gifts” to clear up, however, after eating her breakfast refused to go out but retreated to the sofa looking defiantly at me! Left her there and will have to go back in later to see if she has changed her mind

Just put in some washing and have to do some food shopping, for myself and for the birds as I have run out of wild bird food!

Take care and hope everyone has a good day