Good Morning Saturday 22nd April 2023

Morning all!

Plan for yesterday was to celebrate the milestone in my task getting completed. I was too tired for that.

Today’s plan is to get some rest so I can enjoy the lull in the action.

Have a good day everyone.

Good morning Butterscotch and all who follow

I have my little grandson Stanley coming to stay over today so I’m looking forward to that…he is always good fun

Pouring down in my part of Yorkshire…hope it cheers up a bit

Have a good weekend everyone

Good morning all, dull and grey here.

Off out at 8am for my Saturday stroll around the shops.

Have a nice day all.


A dry day forecast after a very wet night.

I am hopefully being taken out for a coffee today.

Morning all.

Not sure what I will get up to today.

Good afternoon

It’s been a busy Saturday morning down south. Lovely autumn weather here.

After an early morning manicure and a fancy eggs Benedict breakfast, I was off to the hardware store. I’ve a portion of my roof facia board to repair.

The hardware store was going fine until the consultant asked me how many millimetre’s width :104: and the meterage to cover. I pleaded girl and made a rather hasty exit but not before I got a recommendation for a contractor.

I didn’t even know that there’s these ‘Eco’ facia boards that’s now available instead of the ole plaster board from the 1970s era. Thankfully, I had a knowledgeable voice in my ear! I’ll have to get a contractor in for a quote. It’s our dry season so it’s the perfect time to repair the roof facia boards.

Now it’s just a relaxed afternoon with just a load of laundry to fetch off the clothes line and perhaps a nap then a good :open_book: book!