Good Morning Saturday 20/08/2022


Good Morning All

Where has August gone?

The birds are singing, but I cannot see them.

The nurses are behind, a busy night with the new patients, but Lilly has got me an emergency coffee

Today I have to practice getting in and out of bed and the chair in the approved NHS manner just so discharge will tick the boxes.

Practice deep breathing so the machine records a high level of oxygen and a steady heart rate, again to get the boxes ticked.

In other words be a good person this weekend in order to get out Monday.

Have a good day all.

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Good morning Swimmy and all who follow

Yes be a good chap Swimmy …good luck for Monday :slight_smile:

My son and his family are coming later they have booked us lunch in an Indian Tea Room…never been to one of those so looking forward to a new experience

The house is progressing…what more can I say I always knew the worst part would be taking down the old internal walls that are about one metre thick…I just keep telling myself you can’t make an omelette without cracking a few eggs

Have a good weekend everyone

Good morning all.

Hope you come out of Hospital today Swimmers.

Where has August gone? yours has been in the Hospital bed Swimmers.

Off out early this morning to the shops.

Have a nice day all.

Morning everybody!

Blowing a hoolie this morning, and the rain is teeming down. Leaves are coming off the trees already!

If the sun shines later I’ll be out walking, but otherwise I’ll be pottering around the house.

Have a great day everyone :wave:

Morning all!

Neighbor’s music woke me up . . . again. I had spent the day looking for resources to deal with that issue. Found a few things but mostly just the same dead ends.

Today I’ll be trying to catch up on some sleep.

Have a serene day everyone.