Good Morning Saturday, 16th March 2024

Good Morning to all you revellers recovering from the Ides of March crash.

I was out early to get milk, fruit and a few odds and ends from the supermarket when it opened at 7am. Then trotted off on my morning walk, umbrella stuffed in my pocket as there were rain clouds on the horizon. I needn’t have worried but it is quite cool, temperatures in the low 20s.

As I neared home made a detour to buy a dozen wholemeal rolls from the bakery to freeze for use over the next couple of weeks. That reminds me I was going to buy some sour dough bread to try wasn’t I? Eventually I will remember at the right time!

Well, that’s good morning from me…

What are your plans for the day?

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Morning all - how are you surviving that “cool” temperature Bruce?? Last night it was 2c here and today is forecast to reach 11c!

Had a really lovely day yesterday. First my neighbours arrived with flowers, wine and a birthday cake they had made for me (believe it or not I have never had a birthday cake - even as a child!). I then went out for lunch with 3 of my sisters in law and received more flowers. My family in Australia sent lovely messages and my brother finally contacted me at 7.00 pm but I was still able to tease him for being late because it was early Saturday morning where he lives!

Today sister in law is calling in for coffee and help me eat the cake! Apart from that not much else planned

Take care - hope everyone has a lovely day

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Good Morning from Foxy’s world… :sunny:
Happy belated birthday Sheila… :mini:
Missed the cut off point the last couple of days…
Nice sunny morning today and going in search of a garden centre for some lunch later now that breakfast and Tesco shopping is out of the way. Sod’s law that today is sunny and It’s a rest day so no walk. I did do an extra couple of miles yesterday though.
Daughter and hubby coming for tea later so I expect it will be a change of scenery for them while being engrossed in their smartphones…I’ll just have to talk to Mrs Fox then… :094:

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I’m spending today recovering from yesterday’s stomach bug. Heavy rain here this afternoon so glad to be indoors taking things easy with the fire lit

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