GOOD morning Saturday 16th April

Good Morning everyone…a sunny day promised but its looking a bit overcast right now…hope the sun shines later

I have all the family coming tomorrow so I will be busy today getting organised I’ve 34 little easter eggs to hide for and egg hunt for the grandkids…should be fun :slight_smile:

Hope to get out in the garden later

Have a good day everyone

Good morning Julia and all to follow later :blush:

A mild morning again and the sun is trying to break through the high cloud, so looks like being anothe lovely spring day. :sunglasses:

No big plans here, just pottering around doing odd jobs and maybe a deck chair and a cold beer will be calling from the garden after lunch.:nerd_face:

Have a pleasant weekend everyone :blush:

Morning all.

Not been out yet so don’t know what the weather is doing.

Later I will take the sholley by bus to Tesco (the only supermarket I can reach by public transport, unfortunately), to stock up on some food bits. Still trying not to use the car so much, which I vowed to do after my recent London trip. Trying to save on petrol and to just stop going round all the shops, wasting money. I haven’t driven it for 12 days now, yay. Catch a bus into town or to Tesco when I run out of bread, milk etc., which is was I need now.

Morning all, its brilliant sunshine here, but not going out any where.
Probably just sit in the garden read my book.

Another warm and sunny day, I was up early to get to the supermarket for milk and a few odds and ends before the usual Saturday crowds arrived.

Went for my walk too. The ground is still squelchy in places but at least the surface water has gone. Even sprayed a bit of Roundup on some of the errant grass.

Have a good one.

Good morning!

Fairly mild & sunny this morning
Sainsbury open at 07-00; I got there a bit later than I’d planned, about 07-45, but did my shopping and was home for about 09-10
The store was busier than I expected, but still fairly quiet

Now I’ll have a late breakfast-cum-brunch and then go for a stroll round the local park & streets

Good morning all :grinning: another sunny day, another day in the garden…

I was considering a visit to the Garden Centre but as usual around Easter time, I think it will be packed with green fingered shoppers. I still try to avoid crowds of people.

Enjoy your day folks :grinning:

Good morning all.

I’m taking Tony to our local hospital to have his foot x-rayed. He’s in awful pain but cant remember injuring it.

On return he will be resting with ice on his foot & I will do a bit of pottering around in the garden.

Have a good day everybody…

Morning folks

Skies are very grey overhead here in West Yorkshire. It’s 12degrees and meant to get up to 20degrees today so hopefully the sun will come out again.

It’s Dad Saturday fish day and I’ll spend some time with him as always. 4pm its a Golden Girl meet at Golden Karens house for a good gossip and chat. Coffee, nibbles, laughs, gossip and chat = a good afternoon.

Me and John having a curry and chapattis tonight as we watch Britains Got Talent.

Nice day/evening ahead. Hope you have too!

By the way I made one of these for my great Aunts Children so I’ll be playing Easter Bunny at some point today too

Happy Easter
x x x


Good afternoon! Pleasantly warm again. Walked the dogs and about to stroll again.
And I have finally got my password working again. Thank you Azz and a few others.

So what had caused the problem, Besoeker?
Glad its sorted anyway.

Me being dense…

Oh. OK. :slightly_smiling_face:

Good day all, on another glorious sunshine day.

I am busy outside today, and want to crack on incase the weather breaks after Easter.

It’s my Liffey’s birthday today. She’s 10 today. She is my dear old Mup’s grandaughter and was born here at home, so I’ve known her from the minute she popped out!

Lif’s the one on the left. :smiley:



Gorgeous girls both… :heart_eyes:

Yes, lovely. This is the Bedlington we stroll with Max.

Those are gorgeous Easter Bunny! I am certain the children will love them! You are clever.

thanks Tabby, loved every minute of making them too… Crafting is the best, get lost in our pleasure and every problem just melts away x

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