Good morning Saturday 16 July

Good morning all.

Not sure what I will get up to today. All depends, I suppose, if neighbours allow me to be in my garden, and not be a nuisance!

I bought a mini hedge trimmer a few days ago. It is now fully charged, so I could have a go at one of my shrubs. See how well it works,

Fed up of sitting around with my nose in a book, or on the iPad, so might take a look round, see what else needs doing . (A lot, I should imagine, lol.)

Good Morning!

It’s nice & sunny here, but not too hot
I’ll go into town soon and have a bacon butty & coffee, probably at the Working Men’s Club, then to the library as a book I requested months ago has arrived

I’ll hopefully resist the temptation to go to the pub or go window shopping and try to get back home early
Then I want to finish working on a knife sheath that I’ve had part made for days

The book is -

‘Lands End to John o’ Groats With a Bus Pass and a Dog’ by Eric Newton

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Good morning all, cooler here overnight but quickly warming up now, going to be a hot one they say…:sunglasses:

Just back from our early walk and I’ve watered a couple of important things in the veg plot and the greenhouse, so having a minute now with a brew before deciding what’s next, although I doubt it will about to much today.

Have a pleasant day everyone :blush:

Hello good morning …had to go for a early walk before it gets to hot for doggies paws .

The sea & sky look a mediterranean blue with a gentle breeze … a perfect pimms day ….

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Morning all!

Got a bunch of tasks done on Friday. Saturday and Sunday will be non-stop online masterclass. I’ll drop in when I have time. The replays will be sent to me when it’s done.

Also talking to my favorite person on the phone who will be just coming back from vacation.

Have a marvelous day everyone.

Good morning all, lovely hot and sunny here.
Have been into Town and back home now, will rest for the rest of the day.
Have a nice day all.

Good morning all, another hot day here.
I watered plants early on, but they look dry again already.

I’ve got some washing out, now I’m going to nip out and see if I get a couple of pots for some new patio roses I’ve bought. I must have more pots than the garden centre, but never got the one I need at the time!

Enjoy your day.

A belated good morning to all :grinning:

Garden was watered early this morning and the chores done for the day.

It’s warming up outdoors but not too bad under the parasol.

Enjoy your day folks and take care in the sun.

I had a few minutes in the sun this morning, when neighbours were out, then I got too hot so came in. Neighbours have had LOUD music playing for the rest of the day. Grrrrr.

Earlier I left Holly indoors and took a little walk to stretch my legs (took her out the front for a wee first), and I crept up our alley to our gates, and worked out the music was indeed coming from them. I have stayed in the front room.

@zuludog just ordered that onto kindle always looking for something different.

@Kazz I can also recommend

Route 63; Around England on a Bus Pass by David Hadfield

I’ve had my bus pass for nearly 10 years, and I had always fancied doing a long journey, something like those two books, but never got round to it - story of my life!

Of course the Lockdown didn’t help, but I’ll try to do something this year, perhaps late summer or early autumn when it’s a bit cooler for travelling on a bus, but amenities & attractions are still open

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@zuludog Thanks will have a look I suggest you may like this *The man in the tent" by Tony Beardsall

Also Mark Wallington’s books travels with Boogie (dog)?

P.S. Not got a bus pass yet but forward planning eh?’ lol

My sister’s birthday today. She wanted fission chips so that’s we gave her. Other than that I strolled Max the thunderbolt.