Good Morning Saturday 15th June 2024

Good Morning to you all, joy of joy for all the workers, it’s the weekend!

Was up early this morning to visit the supermarket for milk and a few odds and ends before the Saturday rush. Not an egg on the shelves! apparently people are panic buying because an outbreak of avian flu in Victoria has meant a million birds have been destroyed (bloody Mexicans! :wink:)

It rained overnight but the showers are clearing and should be gone by the arvo.

Am saving myself for tomorrow when the sun will be shining and I shall have a go at changing the oil in my car if I don’t then the car is due for its rego check anyway so I will get the garage to do it for me.

Have a wonderful weekend all youse happy folk. What is your plan for today?


Morning Bruce, and all who follow.

I’m getting ready for work, and very grumpy at having to do so! I’ve always been a 9-5, Mon-Fri Pixie in my heart, and haven’t ever got used to weekend working.

Anyway, hopefully it will be a lovely day for us all :sun_behind_small_cloud: Have a great time! :wave:


Good morning all!
All’s still quiet and peaceful here in Sussex. A lovely breezy sunny morning although I gather there’s heavy rain and the chance of thunderstorms a little later, the lull before the storm.

I’m having a kind of reset, been going homeopathic and popping aconite tablets, absolutely no caffeine and no alcohol for the next few days. I’m sleeping much better and actually feeling very good on it.

I sympathise Pixie, I hate working Saturdays although I have one job where I actually thoroughly enjoy it, a people thing. Don’t get too grumpy, heaven forbid some poor soul should be on the recieving end of those Pixie fists. …OUCH!!! :face_with_head_bandage::wink:

Have a good day people! :sun_with_face:


Morning all – heavy rain last night and it is grey and dull this morning with the threat of more rain – oh joy! At least it means I don’t have to water the neighbours plants – gave me detailed instructions on how to turn on the tap before they left! :icon_surprised:

Beast behaved herself last night – still won’t let me do more than stroke her head after which she walks away and sits with her back to me!

Another parcel is due to be delivered sometime today – yes more books! Currently reading Memory Man by David Baldacci, a bit slow but an interesting concept

Apart from a bit of housework I have nothing planned for today.

Take care – have a great day everyone


Good Morning From Foxy’s World… :cat2:
It always cheers me up hearing about the beast Sheila, I miss not having one of my own these days, but I feel less inclined to fall in love with something that might outlive me…
Apart from Mrs Fox that is… :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
I have read lots of David Baldacci books in the past and enjoyed them, although I sometimes get the pangs to read about British coppers and have read plenty of Peter James books, spoiled since they created a TV character… :009: I don’t think John Simm cuts the mustard for me…

Rest day today and a drive out to a faraway garden centre for lunch, great meals there and it’s so good to back behind the wheel… :racing_car:
Stormy weather outside with the occasional sunny spell, thunder forecast for later, but I’ll be indoors munching on my steak and ale pie…Yum!


Glad you added that comment re: Mrs. Fox! Yes, I miss having a cat of my own but would not take one on now, taking care of beastie scratches that itch!

This is the first David Baldacci book I have read - I do like to try different authors

So pleased you are making good progress - I was pleased to read the other day that the medical staff were impressed with your fitness and attitude. Being positive is a big plus.

Enjoy the steak and ale pie - one of my favourites!


very high winds here this afternoon, thank goodness we had the trees worked on with all the dead wood that was there. even so had this come down just now

could have injured somone



Sitting around Saturday, nothing to do
should I take a walk or visit the zoo.
Find the number of a really old friend
call them up, find out how they’ve been.
Mow the lawn, weed the garden
let it grow – dear neighbors, beg my pardon.
Wash the car, wax the old girl
throw clothes in the dryer, give them a twirl.
Sweep the floors, pick up the dust
clean the grill, remove the rust.
The options are clear – the work must be done
but I really want to be out on the run.
Meet new friends, visit new places
the thought of it all – my blood races.
Life’s too short to worry and fret
try new things for the joy you’ll get.
Don’t sit around Saturday with chores to do
or housework surely will make you blue.

Poetry & Art by Patricia Walter 2000 ©

Wishing all a most wonderful Saturday. :smiley:


Good morning from cloudless skies and the sun that comes with it. Hoping you have a good day, Pixie and that you all enjoy your lunch plans. You’ll have to keep us apprised of your heath regimen!

Just a short note from me this morning. I am running around packing a picnic lunch for the horde that is about to descend on the house. While I usually like the more serene and little-know spots, the 20s have other ideas. This should be interesting… :sunglasses:.

Cheers and have a lovely day!


It was fine - well, fine as in I scowled a lot but didn’t punch anyone :joy: A long fretful day, topped off with coming home in the rain. Oh the joys. Back out tomorrow until 10pm :astonished:


Pixies don’t scowl :wink:


Ha! I think that for most of my working life I was a 7 day shift worker but 12 hours shifts were the best thing that happened - so much time off - it took a bit of getting used to though.

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I don’t know how you did it and came through it intact! Did you have dinner at breakfast time and sleep during the day?

No, meals were taken at their normal time at work or home, most places it was possible to get some sleep though I did sleep at home too.

My jobs mainly were those which involved 95% of the time waiting for things to go wrong, 5% total panic where your feet didn’t touch the ground. I read a lot of books and did a lot of cryptic crosswords. I was paid well for what I knew and how I responded.

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