Good morning Saturday 11th March 2023

Morning all!

After a wind storm that lasted all night, things have quieted down some. Had a tough night sleeping because of the wind, so I’m trying to catch-up again.

Had a nice talk with my favorite person on the phone. Hope to do the same today without the wind part.

Have a good day everyone.

Good morning all.

We have thick frost here, but now the sun is shining.

Off out into Town this morning, my usual Saturday stroll around the shops.

Have a nice day all.

Good morning!

Another cold grey day, though there is a bit of blue sky coming through and it might get fairly sunny later
It’s dry, but still snow on the ground and cars are covered in frost & ice

Nothing much planned but I’ll probably go to the supermarket this afternoon

Morning all :wave:
Ive something burst in my eye …blood ! sob sob, might just hibernate today :sunglasses:

Enjoy your day xxx

Good morning everyone, hard frost here too and the lying snow is like concrete, but the forecast is for milder with rain later so hopefully that will clear some more of it…

Back from a short walk in the forest with nothing else on my agenda now apart from cooking fish fingers and chips for lunch… yum yum…

Take care out there folks and have a good day. :blush:

Good morning everyone

Nothing much planned for me today which suits me fine…I might pick up a paint brush then again I might not :smile:

Hope your eye gets better Ripple…have a good day everyone

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Morning all.

Yow! Are you ok?

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Hi Butterscotch

Yes I’m ok thanks for asking xxx
I have trotted out wearing sunglasses …don’t want a scare the locals.