Good morning Saturday 06/08/2022

Good morning all, brilliant sunshine here.

Off out into Town this morning, look around the shops.

Have a nice day all.

Good Morning/Afternoon all.

Due to be cloudy but warm here today - 14% chance of thunder tonight.

Friends from Goring are in town for the weekend - and are taking me out for the day. Not sure where we will be going - but it will be fun!

Morning everyone…I put the heating on again earlier, just for an hour. This house gets really chilly of a morning.

Going for a walk shortly to get some interesting photos, then into town for some supplies.

Have a lovely day everybody :wave:

Good Morning!

It’s fairly sunny & reasonably warm

I’ve already done some tidying and washing up
I have hobbies, but I might just go for a short walk to the local park seeing as the weather’s nice

Good morning everybody.

Might go a ride to Matlock Bath today. Not been for ages.

Have a good day all…

Morning all!

Friday was a better day in the relaxation way. I got to rest for a bit. The weather cooled down a bit.

Looking forward to talking with my favorite person on the phone tomorrow. We didn’t connect earlier in the week, and I was sad about it.

I want to get another box fan soon. They seem to help cool things down.

Hoping for another chill day.

Have a groovy day everyone.

Good morning all
Welcome to another sun drenched day .
I’m out for lunch with old friends later today.
Wishing you all a lovely weekend :wink:

Morning all.

I hope people over the back have massive hangovers this morning! Their party, so so loud, went on at least till midnight. I had to shut my (front) bedroom window. The sound still carried, over the alley, and over the houses. Then her next door came home from work, I suppose, slamming front door again. Multi times.

And this morning, not only do I have tummy trouble, but brother is back in hospital. Most probably sepsis, which usually knocks him to his knees. But each attack further weakens his body. Waiting to hear back from SiL, as he was phoning her while she and I were talking.

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Good morning everyone, a lovely day here. Just been to the vets for Chloe’s meds and to buy some plums, I will go and pick some for the freezer next week I need to clean it out first.

Not a lot planned today, I might clean the freezer.

@Jazzi sorry to hear about your brother Jazzi, hope you both get well soon…

Thanks Meg. I may have eaten some out of date ham, or something, and have taken Imodium. Brother keeps on having these attacks, which weakens his immune system, little by little. He turned 76 last month and hasn’t been a well man, with various ailments, for a number of years. We all love him to pieces but accept that one day, one day…:slightly_frowning_face::thinking:

He is too proud (being a typical man and of our name) to ask for help, but sometimes he just has to accept it. Thanks for your kind wishes.

Sadly the Carnival is over, Judith Durham as passed away there really is a voice in heaven now.
The Seekers - The Carnival is Over (HQ Stereo, 1965/'68) - YouTube Music

Afternoon all.

Sorry to here about your Brother Janet, hope he gets better soon.

We had trouble last night with teenagers causing havoc in our road, a gang of 5 came passed our House screaming and shouting about 10.30pm, then went down Baker’s Score where the toilets and sea front is, at the bottom of our garden, they were kicking the bins and doors of the toilets and they have streaded toilet paper all down the Alleyway and in the bushes. The Owner of the Caravan site, shouted out to them and went upto them, but they ran away. Then about 11.30pm another group of teenagers were messing about in the road, about 14 years olds, one of them looked like she has stolen someone’s Mobility scooter and was going up and down the road at full speed on it and going into everyone’s drive ways and screaming and laughing. It’s not holiday makers, I think they are residents as I have seen them before.

Thanks Susie.

He was able to phone my SiL but right now they hope to do tests, to find out what is wrong. When he has a sepsis attack he normally goes down like a sack of spuds, and without warning. Not sure how he was able to alert my SiL at 5.30. Maybe he was awake and just feeling poorly.

When I talk to older sis about people’s behaviour, we both say, they just don’t care.