Good Morning Saturday 02/07/2022


A very early new thread, apologies for that.

I am still bleeding from the Canula, a right mess.

That is the bad news, a lot of work to sort out.

The Good News, I am still here and it is a sortable problem.

My earlier this week injury, which resulted in quite a serious problem is responding well.

A bruised liver, painful but not lethal.

The bleeding etc can be sorted, it is the other bits, the scans of my arteries, these cannot be sorted.

It is simply a wait and see thing.

Talk about wet, it rained all night, when I checked my rain gauge it was full, according to the local weather station there has been 170mm in the past 24 hours. tomorrow is supposed to be worse with an East Coast Low forming off Newcastle so it will be windy as well as wet. (Low pressure areas rotate clockwise so everywhere to the south get sthe wet on shore winds from the warm ocean - the ocean is about 19°)

Apart from that life is much the same, it is very cold (max of 15°) but now it is wet too. I am not venturing out of the house unless I have to.

Did some work on a 3D Print object I have been working on, just improvements to the code and later I might calibrate my printer and/or dry some of the filament.

Ho Hum, such is life. Enjoy your day.

Morning everyone, sun’sjust coming up, looks like being nice again… :sunglasses:

Just the normal day for me, a long walk through the forest then more fruit picking for the freezer, then just something and chips for lunch… such a hard life… :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Enjoy your day folks :blush:

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You don’t have much luck.Wasn’t it fitted properly?
Your positive attitude is an example to us all. :grinning:

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Good morning all, brilliant sunshine here.
I do feel sorry for you Swimmers, but most things are sortable, great attitude you have.
Off to the shops this morning, see what I can buy.
Have a nice day all.


They did a remarkable job of getting the right size canula in, when others had failed.

A pregnant Senior Radiographer with a definite baby bump.and a tiny assistant

It took some time, but didn’t hurt, quite funny when baby kicked out, we both felt it.

That brought back memories.

The bleeding was not an issue, just a result of the medication, now in the washing.

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Morning all.

I might go to the chemist later, see if my repeat meds are ready.

Unpack my new mini oven, turn it on to burn off the chemicals. And find a temp home for the broken one, before a trip to the skip. It might have to stay in the car, with the old printer. Have to book a slot still.

Hope you will be ok Swims.

Wow! I has rained all day - have had 82mm of rain since 9am (it is 7pm now) after 171 mm yesterday. I have to keep emptying my rain gauge. That is 10 inches of rain in the last 36 hours for the Philistines :wink:

The average rainfall rainfall for July for Wollongong is about 64mm. Last month we had 3.5mm.

Worse to come tomorrow according to BOM

@Bruce best stay indoors ,sounds like a Monsoon rain.

Not such a good morning here. Ozzie’s mum fell again. This time we think she has broken her leg. We are waiting for the ambulance to show up.

Don’t worry I haven’t left the house since Friday arvo, worse than the monsoon at least the monsoon is warm,

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