Good Morning Monday 2nd October 2023

Morning all!

The weather grew cold but warmed up later. The neighbors didn’t blast noise, just yardwork noises which is fine.

Turned out to be a nice day toward the end.

I want to get a grocery delivery. Just not sure when. I’ll see how the day goes.

Have a good day everyone.


Good Morning All.

Forecast is for a dry morning and later on heavy slow moving rain.

Today is the start of of a 3 day strike by all hospital Doctors, not a good time to be ill.

I am fortunate in that I have a lot of medication at home to cope with emergencies.

Have a good day all.

Morning all, its very grey here.

Off out this morning to the supermarket to get our weekly shopping and that’s about it.

Have a nice day all.

Good morning all

Got out at the crack this morning walking dog , sea as smooth as velvet .

Visiting a NT property so will lunch out today .
Enjoy your day xxx

Morning all ,
Today I shall have my flu jab , then im popping into town to collect some clothes thats on order.
Did a couple hours gardening in the rain yesterday helping my son,got a lot done .

Have a good day everyone .

Good morning!
Dull but dry & mild

Off to the dentist soon for a routine check up, then back home as the electrician is coming this afternoon to fix the kitchen light.


Home already (left the caravan early). Was disturbed at 6 by the bin men, then minutes later Holly wanted (needed) to go out for her toilet.

I’ve unloaded the car, just need to put everything away. Dog has calmed down, thankfully.


Just had the District Nurse here, they will be here 3 days a week for a while.

A lovely young lady from Yorkshire, great fun and very good with a huge injection and needle.

They have to stay for 15 minutes after the injection, so coffee and a chat was great.

Afternoon awl! Still walking with the wee dog with the lead on. She is in heat at the moment. Hopefully we can lose the lead. after she stops breeding.