Good morning Monday 2nd May

Good morning everyone, overcast and mild here but still no rain, more than a month now and the garden is desperate…:sunglasses:

I have some plumbing to do today, exchanging a sink waste that is flaking all of it’s chrome. Not my favourite job but hey ho, at least I don’t need to get a plumber in. 👷‍♂️

Have a pleasant day folks :blush:

Good morning everyone :grin: dull and damp again.
I had hoped to erect my raspberry support to today, it is all ready to go in the garage but it may be too wet to stand on the garden, I will see later.

Till then lots of cleaning to do.

Good morning all :grinning: more rain during the night, overcast at the moment.

I took a risk and hung the washing out on the line earlier, hoping it will dry.

Plenty indoors to keep me busy.

Enjoy your day folks… :slightly_smiling_face:

Another lovely Autumn day with the temperatures in the mid 20s.

Washed my bedding and a few clothes, had them on the line by 9am and dry by midday.

QANTAS is announcing a non stop long hall flight from Sydney to London or New York. 20 hours in a plane!

Week 4 of this never ending election campaign. Please let it end soon!

Have a good one.

Morning all.

Weather is pretty perfect here. The temp is the most comfortable. Still, I’m hoping for more rain.

I tried a couple more store-bought soups that I really like. The packaging works great for me. The portions are just the right amount. I’ll be getting more of them.

Fountain pen inks have me captivated lately, so I’ll be looking at more of those. Just inked up a fountain pen I haven’t used in years. Very smooth. Enjoying it.

Have a glorious day everyone.

Morning all.

My week looks set to be warm and dry, but the best temp wise is Friday, when I will be back home. Oh well, can’t win ‘em all.

My only free day is tomorrow so will either drive, or get the bus, to Southwold, for a few hours. Wednesday I am back this way for Holly’s 10am groom appt. far too early for me, but I hope to then go into Morrisons for a cooked breakfast, wander around the store, or others on the retail park, then back to the parlour, collect her. I could pop into home with her for awhile, see how I feel. Check for post, answering machine. Or if I have forgotten something.

Thursday, Susie and her OH will visit in the morning. Leaves me the afternoon free, maybe a walk on the beach. Load up the car, come home Friday. Phew, think I need a holiday after that!

Morning all. :smiley:
It’s a peculiar day here. Sunny and very warm one minute, then cloudy and cool the next.
Washing is ready to go out, watering in the grow houses completed, some internet ordering done, and meals for the day sorted out.
Now a quick trip to get a new hose connector for my outside tap, then lunch.
Have a good dall folks.

Jut checked time for the dog groom. It is 11, not 10. Hoorah. Not such a rush, then.

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