Good Morning Monday 29th May 2023

Morning all!

Happy Memorial day!

Neighbors started music again on Sunday. It mysteriously stopped in an hour or so. I can still hear them. They’re still there. Don’t know why they stopped the music blasting.

Looked back at my log at this time last year, they were blasting their music all day and night on Memorial day weekend.

Loving the quiet at the moment. Any plans for today are still on hold.

Have a good day everyone.

Good morning Butterscotch and all who follow

After a full on day yesterday hosting the family barbacue we have a quiet day planned today pottering in the garden. Some bedding plants to plant and as ever weeding to do…you never know I might get to read my book for a while too

Have a good day everyone

Morning all!

Sun is out and I’m heading to the gym, which I have been neglecting for a minute. Have a lot of work to do today, but will ignore it to watch John Wick 4! Family film night where we can spend a few hours arguing if Orphan X could go hand to hand with John Wick. Mindless harmless fun for a few hours.

Have a good one.

Morning all,

Cold and windy here today. Typical BH weather, eh? Grrrr. Wonder if I will get over to the allotment with the new water butt and hose? Or if I should concentrate on indoors for today, and getting Holly’s bits together for the morning. Washed some of her toys yesterday. Left them pegged on the line overnight but brought them in this morning, now balancing on the bathroom radiator.

Need to rummage in the freezer for something to eat.

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Morning all.

Not very nice here, dull and grey, not going out anywhere.

Have a nice Bank Holiday.

its overcast here too , hope it warms up a bit …Im having a relaxing day today after having company every day and walks for the last 3 ,today im by myself .
Have a lovely day everyone.

Good morning!
Nice & sunny again

Got up late today, about 09-30; had coffee and did a bit of model making
Somehow I didn’t go out anywhere yesterday so I’ll have a shower, an early dinner, and make the effort this afternoon