Good Morning Monday 29th April 2024

Good morning, no Mondayitis here I hope. It is supposed to be the last of the warm days for a while with a southerly coming through this evening. Pleasantly warm today though for Autumn at 25°

Walk as usual - for the first day of the school term it seemed quiet out - probably a pupil free day.

Afterwards went for my usual meeting with friends for cake and coffee. Won’t be seeing them for a little while.

Turned on the fridge in my car I want everything packed by this evening for an early start tomorrow.

Anyway enjoy your day, whatever you have planned.


Hi everyone! Hope all had a good weekend. Monday should be a good day. Wanting to get a little work done.

Bruce, safe travels.

Here’s to a good week


Good morning all, 7am here. Looks like another warm, sunny day. Sadly, rain is forecast again this week, but as our proverb says: “When you hear a cuckoo singing, it may rain a lot but it will soon dry up, because it will quickly change and turn sunny and warm again” :smiley:


Good morning to each and everyone. A lovely start to the new week. Bright blue sky with not a cloud in sight. No wind, not even a breeze. Too good to last? almost certainly. Stay safe out there people.


Good morning all!
Blimey! Blue skies and sunshine here too for the entire day, am I dreaming! I’ve already got one wash out on the line and I’m about to load the second one, seize the opportunity :+1:
After that I shall be sitting at the computer filling an online application form to go back to The Royal Mail.
I bet your looking forward to tomorrow morning Bruce, safe travelling to yer!!

Enjoy your day people! :sunny: :+1:


Morning all – sunshine first thing but now clouding over (of course it is!) :cloud:

Safe journey Bruce – hope you have a great time.

Quiet day yesterday – sorted a couple of evening dresses to loan to my neighbour for her upcoming short cruise

Will have to miss yoga class today as although the foot has improved greatly still not quite there – so won’t bother the doctor! If previous experience is anything to go by I won’t be able to have an appointment for 3 weeks in any event by which time the foot will have “healed” itself!

Only other plans for today are laundry and grocery shopping

Neighbours rang last night and said they had booked a table at a local restaurant for Friday night – I have accepted the invitation this time but I think I am going to have to have a robust conversation with them about their not allowing me to pay. :pound:

Take care – hope everyone has a lovely day


Good morning everyone. Chilly here with wishy washy sunshine - the clouds are gathering.
Our local forecast says it will be a ‘mostly cloudy’ day in my part of the midlands - sounds like the south is getting the best of the weather today.

So apart from the usual, looking to start decorating - the place definitely needs it, so colour charts out (online) can’t seem to find colour charts in stores anymore. there was a time when you could pick up an armful, not any more - not here anyway!

Some colour would be nice, instead of neutral, so some planning needed i think.

Roll on summer people. :slightly_smiling_face:
Hope you all have a really good day.


Up early as the boss wanted to go and do a big shop at tesco, requires to shopping carts. back home for a quick nap before din dins time.


Good Midday from Foxy’s World… :worm:
Off out to mow the lawns and tread down all the worm casts after the serious rain yesterday.
Didn’t walk yesterday due to the heavy and persistent rain, so I did a long one this morning.
Woods and lane very muddy, but managed to avoid the deep stuff.
Nice and sunny earlier but it’s clouded over and the wind has got up. The forecast is for good weather tomorrow so I will go and finish this months quota of trig points.
Royal Mail Chilli? There are times when I wish I was still running up peoples paths and shoving letters through the door…


I’ve had occasion to speak to you before about homeless people masquerading as postman. We real postman had a smart uniform, a sack and a badge with a number on it. :wink:

The predicted southerly change came through here at about 8pm with some quite heavy rain, it is supposed to rain for the next week, hopefully I shall be too far east for this weather by tomorrow evening.


Yep, I worked for the Royal Mail for over twenty seven years. I cut my teeth in Paddington W2 office, transferred to Brighton and then on to West Sussex. I’ve many happy memories of being a postie, from sorting to working in revenue protection and being an acting manager, met and worked with some very interesting and colourful people.
I’m hoping to go back for a while before I move to Glasgow next year…mind you I’m sure they have a wee sorting office in that neck of the woods. :wink:


Are shorts a compulsory part of the uniform Mr Fox?
I noticed all Royal Mail people round here wear them permanently all year round.
Bit nippy and draughty in the winter surely?. :thinking:


They are optional Anise but I liked to wear them all year round because I was known as ‘The Running Postman’ and my legs were used to all weathers, the shorts I wore weren’t standard issue though, I liked to wear them shorter that the standard ones. I even got away with wearing running shoes as long as they were black, no one noticed. Skin is more waterproof than the best clothing, and legs dry out faster too. Nothing worse than having to spend eight hours delivering post with baggy, wet, trousers.


A bit more informal in Yorkshire Bruce… :blush:

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What! When I was a postman it was job and finish - once the second post was delivered I was off home. My area of London SW1 was being redeveloped at the time so I had a couple of dozen letters to deliver each time. I spent a lot of time between deliveries feeding the ducks in St James Park. To be honest I preferred throwing up the mail in the sorting office or even the facing table rather than delivering it because you could chat and the sorting office had a bar.

As an aside. I read that in Australia, many many years ago, the reason the seasons here start on the 1st of the month rather than the 22nd (ie Summer starts on 1st December) is because postmen complained about wearing their serge uniforms in the Spring heat, as it was a seasonal rule they changed the seasons rather than the rules.

(Have no idea if that is actually true but it is a nice story and has a ring of truth about it)

Blimey Bruce, life of Riley… :open_mouth:
The banter in the sorting office was second to none, but with 650 houses and flats to deliver I had to get my skates on. I don’t know how some of the posties used to manage to finish so early without running. I did mention to the manager when I was interviewed for the job that I had suffered a heart attack and they wanted to find me an office job…No chance! If I couldn’t go out in the fresh air, I’d leave and find something else to do instead.