Good Morning Monday 27/06/2022

Good morning all.

Beautiful warm sunny day here in Corton.

Off to do our weekly shopping this morning and that’s it, more sunbathing in the garden along with housework etc.

Have a nice day all.

Good morning It’s dull and a bit wet here in Wiltshire but the garden needs it .

Morning everyone, very light rain here at the moment but not enough to do any good in the garden unfortunately.

We have to go to Derby again this afternoon to accompany a relative to an important out patients appointment with his oncologist, so more bad news to come I’m guessing. No other plans, just a salad for lunch and reading the papers.

Nice photo Susie, a real taste of spring there…

Have a pleasant day folks :blush:

My son visited from Sydney for the day.

I had a short meeting to go to first thing and when I returned he had removed the
old sofa and constructed the new one which was very impressive so I treated him to lunch at the club.

I had a really gloppy burger, garlic bread and onion rings while he had bangers and mash.

Have good one

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@Bruce - those chips look tempting, Bruce!

Good Morning/Afternoon everyone

Lots on my ‘to do’ list - can’t face any of them - will probably mess about in the Craft Room instead.

Weird weather at the moment - alternate sunshine and monsoon!

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Had a very nice breakfast with turkey bacon, home made coleslaw, and crusty bread. Then out with the dogs with the rain a bit drizzle. The off to the grocery - we walk there. My wife goes in while I wait with Max. I cart the two loaded trolleys home while my wife strings along with the canine creature. The heavens deluged just as we came in the gate. Oh well, I won’t need to water the garden tonight…

Good afternoon.

Been to town. Bought a fair few bits, exchanged library books. Walked there, waited for the bus back.

Had lunch, and a coffee. Might join Holly on the bed for a bit.

Got my driving licence renewal form. Eeeek.

How are you both coping?

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All a bit too much for lunch I think. My complaint is that they have the same menu for lunch and dinner which is strange, most clubs and restaurants have lunch time specials but not this one.

Bless you - we are OK - thanks for asking

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