Good morning Monday 25/4/2022

Good morning all, no sun yet and still windy.

Off out to the shops about 9am this morning.

Have a nice day all.

Morning Susie, so what’s the significence of the sparrowhawk? :thinking:

Good morning everyone, a border line frost here this morning and even colder tonight they say, so we look like fleecing over the plants in the greenhouse for a night or two again…

Nothing much planned other than a check up at the surgery this morning, but may have a walk around town this afternoon if it stays bright.

Have a pleasant day folks :blush:

Morning all.

Barry, maybe she has had one visiting her garden again.

I had to put heating on in the night, I felt quite cold.

Window cleaner expected this morning. After he has been and gone I will then decide what to do with my day. Several things to choose from. Take a little trip out to a garden centre, for more solar lights. (I have my eye on colour changing ones.). Carry on with bedroom clearance. With black bin due to be emptied tomorrow, an ideal opportunity to maybe fill it (if I can find rubbish small enough.). Or, as I found my writing mojo yesterday, switch on the PC and continue with the story I was working on till late yesterday.

But first things first, let me get the dog out.

Have a good day.

Still feeling knocked out by this cold I have so stayig indoors. Just not got any energy for anything just want to sleep most of the time
We had Sparrow Hawks fly through our little orchard back at the kennels. Watching them manouver through the trees after the little sparrow was amazing but upsetting if they caught one

It’s ANZAC Day today and I watched my sons march in the parade in Sydney. (on TV)

Apart from that the weather on the coast is bloody awful just overcast and miserable, Anzac Day is when I start thinking about changing the summer doona for the winter one but at the moment the night time temps are in the high teens so still too early.

Printed a couple of things on my 3D printer, am quite amazed by how economical it is, I am still using the original 300 grams of filament supplied with the machine. Am getting more familiar with the settings too and what can be changed and when.

Anyway have a good one.

Morning all,

It was a beautiful night for sleeping. I was in bed for around 12 hours, most of it sleeping. I was so happy about it because I haven’t been sleeping enough lately, and that was making me feel sad.

I had just told someone about my sleeping woes. As I was talking to her, I remembered that I had some melatonin and told her that I would take some. I didn’t even get the chance to take any because I was sleeping within minutes after we stopped talking. Nice!

Saw the finale of Master Chef Junior last night. I was amazed again, like I was for the adult Master Chef, that the person I thought should have won, did win. I always think that the judges will pick someone more popular, but based on the look of the dishes and what the judges say the food tasted like, the right person won again.

Not much planned for today.

Sending good vibes to you all.


At work at present finishing at dinnertime then going to get a new lightweight hoover for Dad.

Will go home, have my lunch then go up to Dads for an hour.

Going to do some crafting later on after we’ve walked Loki through the woods then I’m thinking of going to the gym…note I say ‘thinking’…I’m good at thinking you know lol
I still haven’t found my mojo so I need to stop just ‘thinking’ and do it!

Have a pleasant day all.

Morning all.
Quite a lot chillier today, down to only 3 degs tonight they say with the possibility of a touch of ground frost. I’m fed up with covering and uncovering young plants!

I’ve been on the phone nearly all morning trying to sort various things out, but I’ve spent more time on ‘Hold’ than I have actually talking to anyone! Most frustrating, and such a time waster grumble . . grumble.

Oh well, the day is yet young, so enjoy whatever you’re doing.

Good morning everyone :grinning: a lovely spring day but chilly.

I am off to physio soon, this will be my 4th visit over a number of weeks and my problem is just the same as when I started so I hope to make this my last visit but will still carry on with the exercisers 3 times a day.

Into the garden when I get back , lots to do out there.

Yes Barry, Janet is right, the Female Sparrowhawk keeps coming into my garden now, seeking small birds and mice to eat, its their mating season now.

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Good morning

Good morn/afternoon all :grinning: a fine but chilly day here in the SW…

We took our daughter to B&Q this morning to stock up on bedding plants for her garden. I’ve always found B&Q plants to be excellent and a lot cheaper than the Garden Centres.

Enjoy the rest of your day folks…. :grinning:

Good afternoon one and all. Our gardener is just finishing off mowing our back lawns and the poor bloke is dripping in sweat. I know just how he feels and am grateful that he is doing all the hard work for me.