Good morning Monday 24th January

Morning everyone, bit of a dull start here, hoping it’ll improve as the day goes on.

Probably going to have a quiet day today, as I’m feeling pretty exhausted after a bad night. I had just got off to sleep last night when next door let the flipping dogs out in the garden - their garden door is literally just below my bedroom window. They only have the one dog, but often have a friend staying who has a similar, small, yappy dog. They always then let them out very late at night before they retire, and they both explode into the garden yapping loudly. Right under my bedroom window :rage:. Two nights in a row this has happened. If she’s still there tonight I might not be responsible for my actions. Rant over :wink:

Anyway, as a consequence, I couldn’t get back to sleep for ages, tossing and turning until about 2.00 am!

Have a good day everyone :blush:

Morning all, delivered stuff to a charity shop, this after the Alf walk, now its coffee time, this retirement lark is easy, Enjoy.

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Afternoon all.

I was up early and managed to get out at a reasonable time for some shopping and petrol.

Had a quick coffee and Holly was mithering me for her second walk, so out we went. Now having lunch.

This afternoon will be spent setting up my new printer (thanks, Asda!)


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Dull and very dreary here.

Good morning everyone

Working on the house today painting a ceiling in the hall…also have to source vaccination certificates for a holiday flight in February …so nothing exciting today :slight_smile:

Have a great day everyone x

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