Good morning Monday 23rd January 2023

Morning all!

The weather turned toward the turbulent again yesterday. On the good side, my neighbor didn’t play music this weekend. On the other side, I still haven’t ordered more food.

I’ll have to play it by ear again today.

Have a good day everyone.

Good morning all.

I’ve got Dentist appointment this morning and i’m not looking forward to it, I am terrified of Dentist.

Have a good day all.

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Good morning!

It’s still dark, but as far as I can tell from the light of the street lights, a lot of the snow & ice has melted, and there isn’t any frost on the cars

I have a few errands to do in town, then back for dinner time; and I’ll see what happens after that

Meeting this morning, they had some very nice cake also swapped some videos.

Went to Bunnings this arvo and bought an edger to fit my whipper snipper.

Its all go…


Good luck at the dentist, Susie. I believe my sister is seeing hers today.

I think I will be busy today, hithering and thithering.

Morning everyone

I hate the dentists too Susie but it’s the build up to going once I’m there and out again I wonder what all the fuss was about …good luck.

Supermarket this morning then home and I will be decorating…still.loads to do here I cant imagine it ever being finished… oh well :frowning:

Have a good day everyone

not a good morning but a cold one, our Vaillant Glow -worm boiler packed up yesterday with a fault code of F1. Gas board engineer coming tomorrow to hopefully fix it. There are two things I won’t touch, those are anything to do with gas or water. So sitting here in the cold . Even Teazle is under a blanket

Also royal mail have sent a parcel from one distribution center in error to the one in Hastings instead of to the one in Bexhill.
Sue has gone to our son Ben whose car has gone in for an MOT so got no idea when she will be back home.
Just one bit of good news the kettle still works so can get hot coffee etc.