Good morning Monday 21st November 2022

Morning all!

I got my printer delivered today. Yay! The printer cartridges for my old printer were out of stock so hopefully I won’t need them.

My neighbor has been quiet this weekend. Nice!

Have a lovely day everyone.

Had 100kph winds - a Wollongong School had its roof ripped off



But apart from that all is well

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Good morning all, a dull and dreary day and raining hard here in the SW.

I will be keeping myself warm with a basket of ironing to do and various other jobs. I have just about finished my Christmas shopping so I may get round to wrapping a few presents.

Stay warm and safe folks. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Gosh @Bruce , thank goodness there were no children in that school when the roof lifted!

I hope you stay safe where you are.


Good morning everyone. Hope this post finds you all well.

Just as a matter of interest. I received a notice on my FB feed about the school, I don’t live in the area and my kids never went to this school, so I don’t quite understand why I received it.

In a way you have to chuckle, in Merica the lockdown would have been because of a shooting, here the roof blew off.