Good Morning Monday 21st August 2023

Morning all!

Neighbors were very noisy, screaming and yelling but no blasting pounding music. I think there was a forecast for rain so they kept their huge speaker inside so it wouldn’t get wet. There was some other music for a short time.

Tried to catch up on some sleep after it was almost over.

Monday is recovery day.

Have a good day everyone.

Morning Butterscotch and those to come yet.

Hot and sunny here.

Not doing much today.

Have a nice day all.

Good morning all ,
My window handle as been replaced , I was first port of call.
I think i shall have to go and get a bottle of milk ,at some point today .
weather is sunny and dry .
Have a good day

Morning all.

Just doing odd jobs for now. Clothes wash out in the garden to dry, done my cash books. Now need to wash up.

Leaving in about an hour, as popping to the house of a cafe group member, me and one other have been invited. I don’t think the hostess likes the cafe much. She seems to keep finding an excuse not to be there so I might try and ask her!

Caught the NfH packing the car yesterday for a camping trip. With the kids. Yay!! Not sure if the 13yo is going or if she stays with a friend. 2 adults, 1 dog, 4 girls? Hmmm. They have now fitted a roof bag, which seems a good idea to me. Looking forward to a few days of peace.