Good Morning Monday 20th November 2023

Morning all!

The weather deterred my neighbors from going out, which was nice. But the weather put me in a gray mood also. I’ve been trying to shake it since.

Until I can change this mood, my plans are on hold for today.

Have a good day everyone.

Good morning!
It’s still dark but by the light of the street lamps and an occasional passing car it looks dry

I woke up early and couldn’t settle, so got up at 05-30
I’ll get to Sainsbury when they open at 07-00 to do a load of shopping while it’s quiet, then think of what to do for the rest of the day

Got to the supermarket just after they opened, probably more staff than customers
Did my shopping and was home by 08-05

I can go back to bed now!

Morning all.

Might go to the library, have a free coffee (Mon and Fri only), but haven’t decided definitely on that. No other plans.

Good morning all.

Off out to the supermarket at 8.30am do my weekly shopping.

Have a nice day all.

Good Morning from Foxy’s World… :fallen_leaf:
Did a wobbly hobble around a one mile route early on, and although my knee is feeling better, any illusions of going further were put to out to grass after I hit the halfway mark and had to rest.
The little group of trees on the green have almost dropped all their leaves and I don’t know where they went, but the drive is fairly clear…Just as well really because the next green bin emptying will be the last until next year.
Mrs Fox was away into town early and probably won’t be back until this afternoon, so while the cat’s away… I’ll take the opportunity to nip into card factory and get her a nice Christmas card.
Soup and toast for lunch…