Good Morning Monday, 1st April 2024

Good Morning one and all, the last day of the long weekend to recover from the chocolate excesses of Easter Sunday. (…and, yes, it is April already!)

I went for an abbreviated walk this morning as I decided I had a lot to do today. Called into the sleepy mall reawakening from Easter Sunday slumbers just to buy some milk and lollies for the journey tomorrow.

First job once I got home was to pump up the tyres on my car then to load it up with all the necessities of life on a mini break. I even remembered to clean the windscreen.

Turned on the fridge so it gets from 25° to 2° while connected to the mains rather than the aux battery.

Might mow the grass later but that is mere speculation at the moment (not very keen)

What plans do you have to finish off your Easter?


Good evening/ morning all!

Bruce you definitely look pretty packed and ready! Wishing you a super safe and nice trip!

Wrapping up my day here. Got to the gym finally and luckily more empty due to Easter. My goal is to get to Wed and start packing for a good weekend trip. Looking forward to a little Kayaking. Hoping my pal doesn’t cancel. Then I might have to madly scramble for a tent.

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good morning and 1st of April and its raining, but all the lawns got mowed yesterday and some planting

was nice to have afternoon tea and cake sat outside in the sunshine

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Morning all - sunshine again this morning but, naturally, rain is forecast for later!

Bruce you pack even more than I do when I go away - still I assume you are camping (something I would never do) so that is understandable!

I have a bit of a problem - my neighbours have invited me out for dinner again tonight. I really enjoy their company and we always have a good time, the problem is they never let me pay! They say it is as a thank you for looking after their cat when they are away, but I am beginning to feel uncomfortable. I don’t want to offend them but l am not a freeloader and always like to pay my way! Last time I told them I wouldn’t go unless I paid for myself, they agreed but when it came time to pay the bill they said they had a money off voucher so wasn’t necessary - they won’t even let me buy a drink. Oh well I suppose there are more important problems people are having to deal with!

Take care - hope everyone has a very enjoyable day

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Yep, if I was staying in motels I would just have a single bag.

Pinch Punch 1st of the month .

Good morning all .
It’s a blue skies and sunshine morning .
I’m waiting for Sainsbury’s to deliver groceries, then out for lunch .

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Good morning all :slight_smile:


I understand. I use to have a parent that paid me to watch her child but I wasn’t really watching. This was middle school and her child stayed with us until she got off from work. She was best friends with my girl so they hung out. I didn’t do nothing. So I didn’t want to accept food, snacks or anything. You know how girls eat…they barely do. LOL.

But since you watch their cat that is their way of saying thanks. Just enjoy it! That’s my penny thoughts.

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