Good Morning Monday 19th June 2023

Morning all!

More neighbor stuff yesterday. Thankfully, the weather is beautiful with a slight cooling yesterday. Still catching up on sleep.

Today is rest and recuperate - self care Monday.

Have a good day everyone.

Morning folks.

Yes, resting here too, well, resting from gardening. Going into town for the library and Wilko. Maybe a few other shops too.

Good morning!
Bright & sunny again

I went to the Scorton Steam Gathering yesterday, and it was very good - steam engines, classic cars and all that sort of thing
A day of sunshine, steam, exhaust fumes, smoke, hot oil and grease burgers - excellent!

Now today I’m catching up with washing & tidying
Also, somehow I’m very well stocked up with fresh food and the freezer & fridge are full, so I’ll do a bit of planning & sorting to eat it all soon before it goes off

I keep hearing about thunderstorms but so far there haven’t been any in my area, though we’ve had a couple of very brief showers; we could do with a good downpour.

I’m also resting in the garden in the sun, with a can of Beer.