Good Morning Monday, 18th March 2024

Good morning all

I was woken by an intermittent beeping from somewhere in the house - because it was intermittent It took me a while to find what it was. It was one of my smoke detectors complaining that the battery was low - and quite right too the batteries was installed in Oct 2022! Very slack, I try to remember to change them every year. Also a couple of the devices are over 10 years old and I think that means they need changing too, one thing at a time.

This morning was my regular meeting with friends for coffee and cake so I bought seven new 9v batteries on the way home.

Was going to Bunnings for a new TV aerial but might postpone that until tomorrow.

A grey cloudy day but a bit warmer than Sunday, I had to get out my warm socks yesterday to keep my feet warm - as soon as the temperature gets below 20° I start to feel the cold.

What plans do you have for today?

Bruce, that’s a super nifty idea to date the battery. I hope I remember that next round.

It feels good to take a real vacation last week. Although we did not go to the Grand Canyon as originally planned, we made it to Big Bend National Park. I hope to be able to make it to the Utah area parks soon.

Got to get ready for bed, and I’m actually looking forward to going in tomorrow and meeting someone new. Vacation is good for the soul :).

Happy Monday all!

I’m a bit OCD about that sort of thing, I am afraid I write the date on light bulbs with a Sharpie when I change them.

Even worse after changing all the batteries one of them is still beeping, I think the device has gone faulty so tomorrow will have to buy a replacement. In a way I don’t mind because it was a good reminder - the batteries definitely were too old.

Morning all - bit overcast this morning but forecast is for it to stay dry - whoopee!

Plans today are to finish and post a letter to my Mum, reply to some emails I have neglected and then off to the yoga class this afternoon

I don’t have problems with smoke alarm batteries Bruce, mine are hardwired (already installed when I bought the house!). A friend who used to be a fire fighter does regularly check them for me. When I moved in I asked him if I needed to install any more smoke alarms, he said it wasn’t necessary but I should remember that a smoke alarm is not to tell you to look for the fire but to tell you to get out!

Take care - hope everyone has a great day

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Good Morning From Foxy’s World… :biking_man:
The sun is up, the sky is blue…(there’s a song in there somewhere) so because my big toe is still too painful to walk on, I thought I’d get out the bike and ride down to the surgery with my, and Mrs Fox’s prescriptions. Who knows where it will lead if the toe holds up…
I had the same problem with one of my smoke alarms Bruce. It was situated in the workshop in the loft and for some reason it started going off briefly every now and then. I replaced it and the new one did the same. I put it down to changes in humidity in the loft where there is no heating. I had to remove it in the end. The batteries in the new units cannot be changed or accessed, they are supposed to last ten years and then replace the whole unit. Batteries in other things are engraved with the date on the case when new so I know when to change them.
News Just In…
Managed to bike round a quiet 16 miles of local countryside, hardly any traffic. Sunny and warm at the start but it clouded over with a strong’ish head wind for the return journey.
Not exactly the fastest ride I’ve done, but pleased to have made it round despite the brisk breeze. A couple more of them and I’ll be in shape for the Tour-de-France…To watch it from the sofa anyway… :smile:


He gave you good advice. My house is almost entirely made of wood, it would be a pile of ash and corrugated iron within 20 minutes if it caught fire.

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OCD folks are the smartest! Although annoying I think its good the beeping to remind a replacement was in order.

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