Good morning Monday 15th

Good morning all, dry again here but overcast and a cool breeze, but it is only August…

After a madly hectic, although very pleasant weekend with family congregating here, we are having a quiet day today with just a few odd jobs and leftovers for lunch, perfect…

Have a good day everyone :blush:

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Good morning Barry and all who follow

I had a hectic weekend too a lovely day yesterday with family at a restaurant even my daughter managed to attend although she is still very weak after Covid.

I might try find my old New House thread later and update some photos…thats if I can find it then if I can actually upload photos without getting lost :slight_smile:

Have a good day everyone

Good morning everybody.

I’ve got my keep fit class this morning & this afternoon going a drive into the countryside exploring pretty villages with Tony - maybe stopping off at one of them to have a little walk.

We’ll also be on the look out for a pub with a beer garden.

Have a good day all. :blush:

Good morning all, no sun yet.
Barry I think you will find its the 16th today.
Got Pain Management Clinic this afternoon.
Have a nice day all.


Good Morning All.

It is cold this morning, with a strong breeze, rain last night.

Things come in 3s, first it was the freezer, then the washing machine and last night the key jammed in the back door.

The door is far and away the most expensive thing to fix or renew/

Recycling day . so bins and bags to be put out.

Whoops… :flushed::grinning:

Good Morning all, off to work soon, and expecting it to be a very busy day.

Good morning everyone! Have a vet appointment later today - John couldn’t get seen yesterday due to some farm emergency. She is much brighter in herself, eating like a horse, and barking out the window at other dogs - but still limping, so I’m hoping they can resolve whatever the issue is. Other than that, no plans. Have a lovely day everybody :smiley:

Good morning everyone, the sun is shining in a bright blue sky. That’s better - more of the same please!

Builders coming today (or might be tomorrow, Mr B said :roll_eyes:). If and when they turn up, I think I’m gonna decamp to my daughter’s house and leave Mr B to hold the fort and make their mugs of tea. They’re only going to hack off the plaster in the hall - the real work (of putting it back on!!) will be in a couple of weeks.

@PixieKnuckles good luck at the vets, hope they sort John’s leg out x

Have a good day whatever you’re up to :slight_smile:

Good morning everyone :slightly_smiling_face: a grey miserable drizzling day.

Annoying because I want to mow the lawn this morning, I won’t be able to hear the phone if I am outside later and I have my mysterious unasked for telephone appointment with a Professor of Electrophysiology in Birmingham . I hope he isn’t going to try to perused me to do something I don’t want to do if so he won’t succeed I know my own mind.

Luckily I have a battery powered mower requisitioned from my son when he got his robot mower so I can mow in the rain.
Enjoy your day :slightly_smiling_face:

I was going to mow our lawns this morning but it rained last night and the grass is soaking wet. Now they’ll just have to wait until later this week.