Good morning Monday 13th

Good morning everyone, a cloudy day here forecast but warm and dry, so no complaints.:sunglasses:

Not sure of our agenda today, but we may visit Swanage for a ride on the steam railway after a walk along the beach and fish 'n chips for lunch, luvverly…

Hope you are all well and enjoy your day :blush:

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Cold and wet here today, don’t mind the rain but hate the cold. Unfortunately the rain only lasted about 10 minutes which was useless but perhaps there will be more tonight.

Completing my change over from jeans to shorts today despite the cold. It’s all go.

Enjoy your day too

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Still early so dark, off to get a CT scan later, a far quieter machine than the oh so noisy MRI scanning machine I was inside last week.
Being a big wuss when it comes to needles I am not looking forward to having one inserted to deliver the contrast fluid.

I feel your pain. Been there, done that…

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Better than having to drink half a gallon of the revolting stuff though!

Sounds like fun, Barry, wish I was going with you - instead of where I’m going - if that makes any sense!!

Sorry - forgot my manners - Good Morning everyone!

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Had that once many moons ago and I thnk i agree with you. :smiley:

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Good morning all, looks like its going to be a nice day.
Got to do my weekly shopping this morning.
Have a nice day all.

Morning all.

Oooo, Swanage. I had a delicious slice of pizza once, from a takeaway stall. And of course, the ice creams!

Shopping for me today, and seeing as the tenant wasn’t in the old rental when my sis popped round yesterday, I will go myself, and put a note through the door if no answer, with my number. My brother’s card hasn’t turned up, and it is likely (or I suspect) he posted it to my old address. He can’t remember what he put. (Well, he is 75!)

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Good morning all, not a bad start to the day, quite bright and dry. Hoping a delivery of vertical blind spare parts will arrive so I can go up to my daughter’s house and fix her bedroom blind. Might have another look round for the missing panel that she knows she ‘put somewhere safe’, lol. Oh dear, haven’t we all done that!

Good luck with your scan @MrFraggle67 - or more to the point, good luck with the needle!

Have a good day folks :slight_smile:

Slightly overcast today, and I’ve had too many late nights.

Fridays show at the Sudbury AFC went down a storm, most people turning up in fancy dress and we even had a crowd surfing “Beetlejuice” during Time of My Life. Loaded out by 1am and then Saturday I stayed up late watching David Bowie Live on Youtube. Sunday was more fun and games, with a 5pm live band at my local pub and catch up with my friends.

Feel a bit fragile if I’m honest :lol:

Good morning everyon :slightly_smiling_face: a grey day and it is trying to drizzle.

I slept in my bed instead of on the sofa last night for the first time in a week, it was lovely. We are off to the vets soon for a dressing change .

I want to start clean the kitchen cupboards and checking stock, I might start today when I get back. My broadband is running so slow .8 of a mbps it is almost impossible to do anything online.

Enjoy yor day :slightly_smiling_face:

Good morning all :slightly_smiling_face: a cloudy but dry start to the day.

My Granddaughter’s 21st birthday today, we are hoping to see her later.

@Barry looks like you’re having a lovely holiday Barry, make the most of it with a long winter ahead. :grinning:

@MrFraggle67 I hope all goes well with your scan today.

@SilverTabby Thinking of you today, hope your eye procedure goes well.

Enjoy your day folks….

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Good morning everybody.

I was expecting a handyman this morning to do me a garden job (fix a trellis to a wall & paint wall) but it’s very dull & rain is tipped so I expect it will be cancelled.
I need to nip in the car to get a bag (or two) of golden gravel which he will need.

Other than that we have no plans though I can always find housework. I’m not really caught up on my own since helping Ady & Paula with their house move last week.

Paula is still ill with covid - pounding headache and feels like she’s been kicked. She had a seizure yesterday (she’s epileptic)
Ady is taking time off work to look after her. They are still keeping Josh off school until he’s settled a bit more, but personally I would have taken him to school this morning & given it a try. They know best though…

Have a good day all. :grinning:


The scan is the easy but it will be the meeting with the consultant next week that will be more interesting.

@Bathsheba Thanks, you would think I would be used to the needle at my age but I cannot even watch someone getting a jab on the TV and it seems that as soon as someone says the word vaccine we need a bit of footage of someone getting it just in case there are people who don’t know. :rofl:

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Haha, I’m with you there!! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Well had the CT scan, lovely Polish radiographer, the worst thing for me is getting the needle and I cannot understand why they say just a slight scratch.
I beg to differ she was inserting a drainpipe sized needle into my vein, matters not that “I have good veins” :rofl: It is sore.
On the plus side the contrast solution makes me tingle in places that have not tingled for quite sometime. :hot_face:

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