Good Morning Monday 13th May 2024

Good morning, good afternoon, G’day to where ever you are and whatever time zone you are in

Long drive today over 500km I am in the Pilbura where it is iron ore mining and then some. Just north of Tom Price where whole mountains have been dug up a shipped overseas.

What plans do you have for your Monday?


Morning all – weather today is dull and overcast

I am losing confidence in the Met. Office, the storms and heavy rain forecast for yesterday didn’t happen, the same the last 3 or 4 times they said we were going to have heavy rain. As they have forecast rain for this afternoon I think I will get out the sun lounger and top up the sun cream! :parasol_on_ground: :lotion_bottle:

I consider driving to be a necessary evil Bruce so would never undertake a trip like yours – but well done to you

This morning I will be clearing space ready for the new cabinet being delivered this afternoon, then some shopping

Take care – have a great day everyone


covid jab this morning, this is about the 6th one I will have had. I did think about not bothering but going on holiday to Portugal maybe they are not so careful about getting protection. theefore we are Off to get ours later on today

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Good Afternoon From Foxy’s World…Better late than never… :grin:
I agree with you Sheila, thunderstorms forecast for yesterday and not a cloud in the sky all day.
Just the same this morning and a heady 18 degrees C first thing, so off I went for my walk before all the world and his wife wakes up. It should have only been a three miler but I was seduced by the good weather and continued round my five. Very busy on the main road with everyone making their way to work so it was nice to duck down the side street and onto the lane. Even time to take a photo of my shadow, who seemed to be going faster than me… :017:

I’m sure that photo will get a few comments… :roll_eyes:
I had the lane all to myself this morning…

And a rest on the gate as the 8:49 to Hull passed by…

It’s amazing how quickly the foliage at the side of the path has suddenly shot up in just the last few weeks.


My wireless computer mouse stopped working, so first think was the battery and was it dead? tried several with same result. Next possibly bad contacts at pos/neg ends of the mouse <but no they were ok. Bit of head scratching ,AH HA what about the little usb receiver I had plugged into the back of the monitor??? so removed it and plugged it into the computer USB port! yippee it worked and save a £45 mouse being scrapped


Aha! I now I know who to blame for this unexpected surprise :laughing:.

Looks like a lovely greening-up blue day across the pond! Happy you all are enjoying it! We have a system that has been sitting on us for a day that has either delayed my running it or leaving me a soggy mess, as was the case this morning. It’s really rumbling and grumbling out there right now.

Bruce, what are the primary ores and minerals that Western Australia are mining for export?

I’m at the beach place sprucing it for some young friends who have a severely disabled daughter. They are a wonderful couple, though I worry about “Gina’s” extraordinary mom, who cares for her 24/7. I recently found out that M & A have not had a vacation, even a weekend away, since Gina was born, so I’ve talked them into coming to stay for a several well-deserved beach days of respite. Well-worth battling fitted sheets and pillowcases that, like everything else, seem to be victims if inflationary downsizing (grrrrrr)!

Back to wrestling down pillows…

Have a lovely day!


I think Iron ore (Australia is made of it - hence the red soil), Gold and diamonds are the main ones but there are a number of others

Coal Bruce?

Coal is mainly from the east, as I have mentioned before Queensland exports the equivalent of the UK’s total reserves of coal just about every week.

Newcastle, Sydney and Wollongong are sitting on enough high quality coal for the next 300 years but mining is winding down (now you know why the state is called NSW)

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I just thought coal deserved of mention on your list of one of Australia’s main exports Bruce…

Yes but I don’t think coal comes from WA, I should have mentioned LNG which comes from WA and NT, I think we are the worlds second biggest exporter of gas, in fact we buy our own gas from Japan (work that one out)

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I’m sorry Bruce I was talking about Australia as a whole… :blush:
Those gas exports do sound confusing, although back in the day we used to produce stainless steel in Sheffield and sell it to Sweden. The blokes on the docks in Hull loaded it onto ships and sent it off. A few months later they were unloading the same stainless steel we had purchased from Sweden. Problem was, the Swede’s didn’t even remove the labels and just stuck new ones over the top…That’s how the dockers knew it was the same batch… :017: