Good morning Monday 13/06/2022


Good morning all, beautiful sunshine here.
Not going out today, got some serious sunbathing to do and a load of washing.
Have a nice day all.

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Lovely photo Susie.
Bright and sunny here.

An interesting day ahead, new patient in one of the side wards, COVID positive, dementia and aggressive.

Chaos already.

Morning all.

Lovely colours there, Susie.

Just finishing breakfast and will write a shopping list. Going to Tescos on the bus soon.

Good morning everyone

Another week started…the builders have been here since 7.30am…they don’t mess about …thankfully.

LQ sorry I didn’t answer your query about the Pop up Pub on another this morning thread…its where the village get together in this case it was in a tent on the village green everyone brings their own booze and nibbles and its just a fun evening catching up with everyone as there isn’t a proper pub or even a shop here.

Hopefully I will be in the garden later…its overcast here hope it doesn’t rain

Have a good day everyone

Swimmy…stay safe

Good morning all :grinning: another beautiful sunny day, summer is on its way?

I have an appointment with my dentist this morning and another on Wednesday, this will be my 6th and 7th appointment so far this year. So pleased I have a Dental plan!

Enjoy your day folks……

Don’t know what happened to my title there, it all got messed up, suppose to read:

Good Morning Monday 13/06/2022

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I just went to change your title for you @susiejaeger, but I think someone else beat me to it, because when I opened it, it was reading as it was supposed to, so I did nothing.


Morning all.

My neighbors kept me up with their loud music.

The weather cooled down a lot. Very nice.

Still unsure of my plans with the weather changing so much but it’s feeling much nicer at the moment.

Have a glorious day everyone.

Good morning everyone :slightly_smiling_face: a sunny start but it has already clouded over.

Off for an x ray soon then back to plant out some African Marigold seeds .
Home made pizza for lunch with a green salad made with a selection of leaves from the garden .
Enjoy your day.

Morning all.
Overcast but warm here so far. Dogs fed, birds fed and washing nearly done.

I hope to have a ‘ME’ day today.
I want to lose myself working quietly in my little garden. I have 5 new roses to plant and seeds to sow for the autumn and lots of other things to get on with, so blow the housework. :smiley:

Be good . . . or not. :laughing:

Morning all

Lovely flowers Susie, nice opening picture.

Summer, thx for explaining, the pop up pub sounds fun!

Going out for a carvery with John in half an hour, then dads then the dreaded dentist. Hoping to fit in a nice walk provided weather stays ok, it’s looking very dull and overcast just now though.

Been to docs this morning but that’s another thread.

Have a nice day all…Swimmy, I’m thinking of you, be safe lad


Thanks for all the support.

Finally some good news.
They were proposing to send me 40 miles away for Rehab

Persuaded them to let me do the tests, so off the oxygen, walking with a frame and up and down a flight of stairs.

I am going , home as soon as they have a discharge care package in place.

Twice a day,4 days a week to see how I get on , review after a fortnight.