Good morning Monday 12th September

Good morning all, still showery here but no complaints, at least the garden has perked up…

Off to Dorset later for a few days to see friends and family down there, just an annual pilgrimage these past few years but it is a lovely county and always a pleasure to visit.

Have a pleasant day everyone :blush:

Morning Barry and all who follow. Cool today only managed 19°C but at least no sign of rain, yesterday it sneaked into the low 20s

Went to a meeting this early then a bit of shopping to get the all important milk otherwise it will be a quiet day.

Have a good one.

morn all
Amother glorious day to be able to nothing right again, :rofl: :wink:

Good morning all, lovely and sunny here.

Not going out today.

Have a nice day all.

Good morning /afternoon here actually.
Lovely sunny hot day.
35 degrees here: sunglasses:

Good morning everybody! :wave:

Cloudy and cool here. Beginning an online course today, which is exciting. I haven’t done online classes for ages. Finishes at lunchtime so the rest of the day will be pottering around and perhaps into town to go to the post office.

Have a lovely day everyone :smiley:

Morning all
Weather overcast iffy.
I’ve some pressing steaming and packing to do .
Later today I’m off to Kent for few days holiday. :slightly_smiling_face:

Have nice day all X

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Good Morning!

It’s a bit dull & damp here
I was up early to do some shopping, now back home waiting to set off for a dental appointment - Whoopee!

The rest of the day depends on the outcome

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