Good Morning Monday, 12th February 2024

A lovely, sunny morning on which to celebrate the illiteracy of Australian schoolchildren and Merica’s Super Bowl.

According to the radio news this morning, one third of Australian schoolkids are not proficient at reading. Schools are going back to phonetics - which work apparently, so that’s good news (I think).

So many questions at the super bowl - will Taylor Swift perform? Will she overthrow Trump? Will she even turn up? Has she rigged the game for her boyfriend?

Serious questions to ponder as you munch your cornflakes this morning.

BTW I did learn that one of the super bowl teams is called “The 49ers” because of the 1849 Goldrush, to be honest I forget who is playing them and I don’t think that is their actual name.

Oh yes, in more sporting news, Wollongong’s own, Illawarra Hawks, is fourth in the NBL coming up to the play offs.

Well, that has entirely exhausted my sporting knowledge (probably for the rest of the year) so have a wonderful day at what ever you are up to.

Be good (or at least be careful)…

good morning from a wet NW England but promises of some sunshine

Haircuts morning for me and Mrs M, a friend, an ex hairdresser comes and does it at home, been doing it for years

May have a wander round the garden and see if there are any jobs Mrs M can be getting on with

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Good morning!
Dull, cloudy, and raining

Going shopping this morning, to LIDL, and I’ll get one of their bargain fruit & veg boxes, plus other stuff
I’ll also go for a drive round to get the engine hot & turned over

Then I really must try to finish some letters & emails that have been hanging around for days

Morning all - rain first thing this morning but now the sun is shining. Didn’t go out yesterday and my lovely neighbours sent a text checking I was OK as they hadn’t seen me! Plans for today include shopping and ironing - wish I had something more exciting to report!

Have a great day everyone

Monday has come and nearly gone just one hour till Tuesday.
A pure late summers day all blue sky and more all week.
But Autumn is only a month away so time to harvest the tomatoes spuds and capsicums

Good morning from a dry, bright and sunny Medway valley - looks like a very nice day so I guess it’ll rain for the rest of the week. Have a good one!

So with just fifteen minutes to go I’ve sneaked in just under the wire…
Had a good fast run this morning, trying out a new training procedure. Still run two minute bursts, but fast…Almost on my knees a couple of times, and ended up just ten seconds over my best time, so it’s got promise…If I survive…
A bit chilly, 3 degrees C, and the thin gloves could have been thicker, but the sun was just showing above the cloudless horizon and I even saw new buds on some Hawthorn bushes that were in sunny positions, and while the Snowdrop Festival is going on at a small church in the country near me, I even spotted some Daffodils in bloom on the roundabout. They think it’s all over…
Late breakfast today after taking Mrs Fox to the hospital for bloods and drop in some samples…Yuk!