Good morning Monday 12th December 2022

Morning all!

The days are flying by. It’s Monday again already.

Still overcast and rainy here.

No big plans today.

Have a wonderful day everyone.

Good morning all, no frost today but its raining.

Not going out today.

Have a nice day all.

Good morning all!
A festive wintery morning with snow down here although it’s causing havoc.
I’ll not be venturing out on the sledge having badly sprained my ankle on Saturday.

That’s the first and last time I’ll be posting pictures of my extremities on the forum.

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Good morning!

It’s dry at the moment, but very cold, slightly foggy and snow & ice still on the ground, rooves, cars etc

I’ve been staying in for the past 3 days but I’m going out early to post Christmas cards and a present then to the doctors this afternoon to have a blood sample taken for a routine diabetic review.

Morning all.

Oooh Chilli, looks painful. Get well soon.

Yup, rain here. Seeing photos on FB of snow in the part of London I left 3 years ago.

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Thank you Jazzi :slightly_smiling_face:

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Good morning everyone :slightly_smiling_face: have already prepared lunch (home made chilli from the freezer and stewed damsons), vacuumed through and am now going to take Pippin across the fields.

I might go to town to collect my meds if the roads aren’t too icy.

@Chilliboot that looks painful Chilli have you applied some ice there is plenty around at the moment…

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I have in a manner of speaking Meg, a bag of Asda frozen peas wrapped in a tea towel.
Every little helps as it says on the adverts :wink:

Make appointment with podiatrist for nails,

I’ll be doing them myself when I find the secateurs :wink:

Ooh you silly billy @Chilliboot. What have we told you about trying to impress the ladies?!!

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I know, I know…I just can’t help being so gung ho and rugged Dex.
Actually you’ve given me an idea.
Maybe there should be a how to impress the ladies thread?
Could get interesting after a few pokey mulled wines!

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Suspect you’d end up on the naughty step if you start drunk-posting piccies of other extremities @Chilliboot

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And rightly so!
Nope, as I mentioned that’s the only picture of my extremities that I’m going to post. Enough is enough :018:


I feel a new thread coming on. Do you remember Ask the Family with Robert Robertson, and the trying to identify what something was from a close up of a small part of it? Bit like the opening shots from Thunderbirds.

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I certainly remember the opening shots from Thunderbirds :+1:
Ask the Family was a bit too cerebral for me I’m afraid.
Are you suggesting that we take our own pictures?
I’ve fancied a DSLR for quite a while.

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Don’t get technical with me. My eyes glaze over when those who love photoing things get started.

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