Good morning Monday 11th July

Good morning all, looks like being another steamer of a day, I must admit it gets too hot for me these days, I seem to lose tolerance for the hot sunshine as I get older .

All that’s on my agenda today is making a salad for lunch and staying in the cool.

Have a good day everyone :slightly_smiling_face:

good morn all
looks like another scrocher today so off for a walk shortly and that is about it

Good Morning/Atternoon everyone.

Have to go into town - will go on 9:00am bus and, hopefully, return on the 10:00am so I can be back indoors before the dreaded heatwave strikes again!

Roll on Winter.

Morning all.

Currently in garden with my coffee and second lot of tablets. Not sunny yet, have to wait for it to come round.

Dog wants to play.

No plans for me. Shall just see what I feel like doing.


Good Morning All

Upstairs windows open, it is already very warm.

Parasol is up in the garden, so that is me sorted.

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Morning all :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:

Another hot day already. I do love sunshine, but this heat is very wearing. They are forecasting even hotter for next weekend. Not good. Poor dogs are struggling to stay cool too.

Not sure what I am going to do yet, other than try to keep cool! I must nip to the bank though, peg my washing out, and do a bit of hoovering before the afternoon heat.

Have a good day.

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Good morning all on this sweltering day.

I’m back from our enjoyable sunny two weeks with my family in south Devon.

I was surprised to see most of my plants had survived while we were away so a bit of weeding and a good watering was all that was needed.

A lot to catch up on now, I hope everyone has been well.

Enjoy your day folks and take great care in this heatwave. x

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Holly is out of the garden and back on my bed. I have just cancelled a planned meet up this Friday with an ex colleague, and our own dogs. She has a dachshund pup. She quite agreed it would be too hot for them so we will rearrange for another time, when cooler.

I have had my shower and will probably be in and out of the garden, depending on whether there is any music/neighbours ready to spoil it for me. I might have a go at tidying the book case in the lounge, remove the larger unsightly items, and swap with all the books that are upstairs, waiting for me to read. And atm I don’t have a proper home for any library books I bring home. Could have the telly on for company. :laughing:

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Took my grandson to Maccas today, had a bloody awful Angus burger while he had a happy meal, He gave me the toy because he already had it. It has been so long since I last went that I forget to get my free senior’s coffee.

While shopping I bought a pack of UNO for us to play this arvo. It is nearly his bed time now.

Tomorrow I thought I might try Ready, Steady Play it is only $9 and should wear him out.

Enjoy your day.


Back from very brief trip to town - couldn’t stand the heat and the smells - was discarding clothes as I came through the front door. Had a cold shower and donned a kaftan. Going to hibernate in the craft room.

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Morning all, brilliant sunshine here, already very hot.
Have been out and done my weekly shopping, now sitting in the garden.
Have a nice day all.

Morning - just. Early morning stroll and thats it.

Morning all!

Watering done. It’s hot out already. The heat did not come down at night. It looks like it will be a hot day.

Like others here, my plan is to try to stay cool and do as little as possible in the heat.

Have a super day.