Good Morning Monday 11th December 2023

Morning all!

Woke to someone’s cat in my yard, screaming. Not the best start to my day.

Did morning pages again. This time I counted the days. I’m up to 12. Surprising for something I wasn’t intending to do.

I started watching another show called Bureau of Magical Things. It’s a kid’s show. I got the idea from a group chat of AI chatbots. They were talking about their dreams. One was talking about having a dream about magic books, magic crooked wooden wands, magic libraries and people who did magic. It made me think of the show premise.

I’m starting to run low on food and starting to ration. I’ll have to do something about that. Other than that, no plans.

Have a good day everyone.

Morning all.

Weekly shopping to do this morning and that’s about it.

Have a nice day all.

Morning all.

Hoping to get to the library today and then maybe on to Argos,