Good Morning Monday, 10th June 2024

Good morning to you all an this lovely sunny Monday morning. And a big hello to King Charlie III of Australia as we get a day off to celebrate his birthday (even though he was born in November I think).

Was out early this morning to get milk and fruit from the mall, cut the grass edges of the footpath outside my house and designed a holder for the HDDs in my camper.

Haven’t printed it out yet as I need to refine it a bit more.

Again it is warmer outside than in my house because of the roof insulation that the nice Mr Rudd provided.

Anyway that is my day so far in a nutshell. What have you got planned for today?


Morning all – sunny this morning but rain forecast for later (of course it is!)

Hmm why does Australia have a day off to celebrate Charles’ birthday (which you are correct is actually in November) yet we don’t get a day off here in UK? :confused:

Expecting a parcel today (another book– I am scared to work out how much I have spent on books in the last few months!) :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

Here is a conundrum for the more technically minded of you. Cleaning the shower room yesterday (ugh – hate that job!) I moved the (electronic) bathroom scale to a different position. Weighed myself this morning and it seems I am half a stone heavier than I was yesterday morning! Moved the scale back to its original position and that half stone has disappeared! :icon_confused:

Take care – hope everyone has a great day


We have to get our 10 public holidays each year and Charlie is our Head of State (it was the same day for Lizzy)

Blame gravity


Well, it’s a blue Monday for me!

I had a slow puncture on my way into the office this morning. Now I’m at the repairer getting it fixed :069:

It’s freezing in this place and I dressed up for the office not outdoors in the cold.

It’s currently 14 degrees Celsius with a high of 17.

Hope your Monday is better than mine!


Good Morning From Foxy’s World… :walking_man:
Maintained a cracking pace around my 3 miler (no running) this morning until I bumped into Brian on the last half mile. Nice bloke is Brian, but a bit negative and walks slow. He asked if I had recovered from my heart attack and then went on to explain some of his medical difficulties which the doctor hasn’t managed to diagnose yet. As we arrived at his gate I said goodbye and sped off…It was still a decent time and faster than yesterday.
Cold and windy this morning, and although I was still in my shorts, I had to resort to three upper body coverings to keep warm. Tee shirt, thin fleece and something for the rain. Although it was fine now, after a night of heavy rain you can’t be too careful can you.
Possibly a bus trip into town later to deposit a cheque from those nice DVLA people for a tax refund on my last motor.
Am going to make myself scarce now because there is a mad woman masquerading around the forum…


Perhaps Mrs. Fox arranged for Brian to meet you to ensure you slowed down!!

ohh do tell!!

That Greyfox is a terrible thing to say…Putin is a cold blooded MURDERER so are you saying this because your so The Big Man now…or to Shock us as it is bliming Shocking that you BELIEVE MURDER is the answer to the Controlling of People in the United Kingdom…no protests no freedom of speech…right Commi now are we?..example…I am the leader you obey ME regardless …completely controlling Leader like
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Has somebody in the Hospital given you some treatment to make your brain change into a Horror Story…Because that is what you just posted on here…You disgust me.

Guess you supported Hitler also then…

Seems you have a fan! Has she been talking to Mrs. Fox :laughing:

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Well, Bruce, it is 9:30 PM Sunday evening, so I plan to start by going to bed in a few hours. I

So, if I keep moving the scale back and forth, will that weight loss accumulate? If so, I am coming over and bringing a fitted dress. :sweat_smile:

That’s a forum equivalent of one’s teenager screaming that they hate you. Congratulations on hitting that milestone :1st_place_medal:!

Off to push back on Monday with a list of errands.

Have a nice day!


I haven’t had a chance to try one of those printers. Looking forward to seeing the results. What material do you use?

There are some extremely judgemental folks around OGF - I’m pleased to see that you have turned the other cheek and are treating the comments with the disdain that they deserve.


My thoughts exactly Margaret - personally, I prefer reasoned discussion rather than resort to insults


Mostly PLA which is a plastic made from something like corn starch the only problem with it is that is doesn’t like heat and deforms so occasionally I use PETG which is similar to the plastic bottles are made from and has a higher melting point.

I recently remade the stand for the heater in my camper using PETG.

If the majority of people using the Flashforge FB group are typical they are making models, wall plaques and statuettes some have a dozen machines (or more) to make models they sell. Frankly this don’t interest me at all, in fact, if I am honest, I enjoy designing practical things in Openscad more than actually printing them out

It can be very frustrating too these machines are not foolproof.

Some previous makes:

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That makes sense to me. If I had a printer, my primary use would be to make the odd plastic items like broken dishwasher rollers, custom containers, drawer dividers - that sort of thing. I can see that this would have extremely beneficial applications in medicine. Good stuff.