Good Morning Monday 10th July 2023

Morning all!

For unrelated reasons, neighbor was quiet today. Ah, silence is so precious when it’s absent. Caught up on a bit of sleep.

I set up my online cart for a grocery delivery. I was hoping to get it delivered soon, but ran into another snafu. Hopefully that will get sorted out.

Weather is still beautiful. Still having a great time with my tv shows.

Have a good day everyone.

Good morning all, sunny here.

Off into Gorleston this morning.

Have a nice day all.

Good morning Butterscotch and Susie and all who follow

Another night of storms here…quite a lightning display.

My grandson survived Cub Camp he and his mates loved the storms…it was all a bit of an adventure

Docs today…lunch out and time in the garden weather permitting

Have a good day everyone

Good morning!
nice & sunny & warm

Nothing much planned today
I’ll potter about with a bit of knife making & tidying

Over the past 2 or 3 days I’ve deliberately used up all my fresh food, so the fridge is more or less empty
I’ve been losing weight but have a bit more to go, and so I’ve bought a couple of books on the Keto Diet
Sometime today I’ll plan meals and probably go to the shops & supermarket this afternoon & evening

Morning all.

Butter, know how I always complain about my own NfH? I was talking to my friend in the card shop when the lady neighbour came in and was saying she will be away for tonight, back late tomorrow, taking the children, for wedding dress fitting, and to see a memorial bench for her mum. Going to Southend. When she left, I muttered to my friend (she is the one who works in there), ‘why does she have to be away the same time as me?’ She replied she had been laughing in her head, wondering what I was thinking.

The neighbour even said ‘it’ll be quiet, only C and the dog will be at home’.

I thought…couldn’t you have gone next week? Or last week? Did you have to pick the same time as me so I don’t benefit from your absence???


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Last week was one of the worst I have had.

I should be very down, I am actually fighting mad.

Apologies in advance.

Good morning all
So inbetween heavy down pours yesterday , I dug up a Shrub and replaced it with a evergreen small shrub , so pleased with my woodland look .
Still sorting out the spare room where my visitors will be sleeping .Think I need to buy a single sheet .

@summer I remember being in a Tent when there was a Thunderstorm , the tent leaked ,

@swimfeeders theres so much drama in your life , i wouldnt be able to cope , Keep your chin up .
Wishing everyone a peaceful day .

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