Good Morning Monday 08/08/22


Good Morning All.

General Rubbish Bin already emptied, most of the watering done, need to have some breakfast to take my meds.

Then the massacre of my veg now I am on a low Potassium Diet and clearing the beds for new veg to be planted out soon.

Have a good day all.

Morning Swimmers and those to come yet.
Hot and sunny here already.
Off out into Town this morning, then sit in the Park after.
Have a nice day all.

Good morning everyones :slightly_smiling_face: already warm here and I am about to clean and defrost the deep freeze in readiness for some plums which I hope to pick this week health issues permitting .

My garden is looking very sad, I should have had a good crop of beans and raspberries but they don’t like the dry weather . I am expecting a hose pipe ban any day on my newly installed outside tap and hose adding to the problem of dry plants. Life seems full of problems these days.

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Cold but sunny. Back at home after an even colder time in Canberra.

Vacuumed under my bed after looking for the power supply for my Google Home Mini which I think I might have thrown away (I don’t use the device). The hose fell off the machine, it’s a Hoover, absolutely the worst vacuum cleaner ever made.

Went shopping for milk and other odds and ends, had a look at vacs in Big W but don’t know what to get.

Anyway, have a good one.

Good morning all,

A day for pottering around, I’ve really got to sort out my outdoors/ fishing tackle cupboard.
It’s a disorganised Mish mash of tackle boxes, trangias, knives etc.

First things first…hang up another load of soap nutty washing on the line. It’ll probably dry in about ten minutes given the heat down here, it’s going to climb into the 30’s during the next few days and still no rain forecast for the next two weeks, not good!

Enjoy your day:-)

Morning everybody :wave: The sun is bobbing in and out of the clouds trying to warm up.

Pottering today, not doing much of anything at all. Been trying to get a plumber for the past few days, but with little success.

Have a lovely day - hydrate and shade for the sunshiney ones

Morning all!

Lawn watered. Slightly cool outside at the moment.

Trying to think of something I want to eat. Other than that, no plans.

Have a nice day everyone.

Afternoon all.

After dropping the dog off at 9, I came home and vacuumed all over. Showered. Sat with a cuppa.

Then waited till rubbish remover turned up. Which was about 12.15. I then had to make an online payment before he left, which I can understand. All went for £60 which I was pleased with.

On to Morrisons. Well, home bargains first but came out empty handed. Yay! Almost cried at Morrisons bill so decided against eating lunch out, came home to do a bacon sarnie. Will cook something later.

Collecting dog at 3.