Good Morning - Friday, December 31st

Good Morning everyone,

Damp but very mild outside. Due to be showery for most of the day. According to the Met Office we have a 5% storm risk - but they don’t say what sort of storm - wind, rain, thunder, sand from the sahara?

Am waiting in for another Amazon delivery - a couple of account books - have to keep the Household budget in order - not to mention the Craft stuff!

Rumour has it - it is the last day of 2021 - wouldn’t it be great if it were also the last day of the plague? For those of you who are celebrating tonight have fun - but stay safe!

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It’s 6.36pm and 37c here.Fireworks tonight.Who ever thought that was a good idea in summer in Australia?Not the fire service I’m sure.

Just seen this:

Where’s our Danny?


Good morning all, damp here too but very mild and forecast sunny for later. :sunglasses:

I hope to get out in the garden for a couple of hours later for a bit of fresh air to do some tidying up, seems ages since it was fit to do so…

Have a pleasant day and and enjoyable evening if you are socialising, although we’ll no doubt be in bed by nine as usual so just keep the noise down… :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Good morning all.

Nothing planned for the day, having an Indian takeaway tonight.

Happy New Year.

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Good morning forumites :wave:

After very wet night it’s still raining here where it’s slowly starting to show some light but the gloom is oppressive.
Whatever you are up to today, make sure you take a brolly if venturing out :+1:

Good Morning everybody!

Dark and raining up here yet again, but it will be sunny tomorrow on the first day of 2022! A momentous occasion in itself - we haven’t had sunshine for weeks, it seems.

No plans, just some food shopping.

Have a lovey day :wave:

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Good morning everyone…very mild here in Yorkshire the birds are noisy this morning …spring is on its way I feel it today :slight_smile:

I’m still isolating due to covid I’ll do a test later to see if I’m clear but I was still positive yesterday. I’m impressed how they ring you to check you are ok I’ve had two phone calls reminding me to isolate and ask how I am …this plaque must be costing us a bomb

Have a good day everyone and

Happy New Year x


Morning folks.

Ooh Summer, hope your infection and isolation finishes soon.

No out on the razz for me tonight, it will be to bed normal time, with something to read, and hope fireworks are not so loud.

Happy new year, everyone.


I stock up on the cash books from Wilko. I reckon I have enough somewhere to last me a lifetime.

Got new cash and daily spend books out yesterday, ready. Just about to do online banking, as two pensions go in today, that will cover everything. And if I don’t go out and spend anything today, can start the new yearly cash book.

Yesterday I was like the King in his counting house! I had pots of loose change so have counted all the relevant coins into baggable amounts. Need to collect some cash bags from somewhere. I have £30 that I can deposit into my bank account, made up of 5p, 10p and 20p coins. Brilliant! I sometimes put it into the coin star machines in supermarkets, but you lose a hefty commission doing it that way.


Lovely day, 30’ and not a cloud in the sky, perfect to see in the New Year, I might even have a couple of beers just to be sociable with the TV.

Went out for my walk and a quick trip to the Supermarket to buy batteries for my fire alarms and stock up on milk.

Also received my first Covid warning on my phone this morning - Of course, it had to be Bunnings!


Morning all, been busy after hanging a telly on the wall then gouging out the wall to put a socket behind the tv to hide the cables, have now been refilling the gouge, this retirement lark isn’t easy. :joy:

I think the technical term is chasing out the wall.


Good Morning all on this mild and breezy New Years Eve.
I feel optimistic :blush: This is the last day of this horrible year.
Never had so many things go wrong in succession as I’ve had this year, and will be glad to see the back of it.

My son’s birthday today, and he says they are off to the Bullring in Birmingham. I’ve never been there, but not really interested in trekking round big shopping centres meself.

Have a good day folks, and a good evening tonight as well.


Funny expression when you think about it, isn’t it. :thinking:

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Should have added first day in a while I’ve not had to wear wet weather gear for the Alf walk.

Good morning everyone :smiley: damp and mild, I have washed the bedding so hope the drizzle clears so I can get it dry. Nothing like starting the new year with crisp clean sheets.
Chloe’s sore mouth is looking a lot better, I have been bathing the sore with a mild saline solution while waiting to be seen a vet next week but don’t think I will need to go now.
I am off out to dead head the tubs of primulas.
Enjoy your day :slightly_smiling_face:

@summer I hope you are better soon Summer,… :slightly_smiling_face:

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Good afternoon everybody.

No plans for today other than a shop at Tesco.

There was a time when we went out every New Years Eve & had a brilliant time, but we don’t bother now.
Somehow we got old!!

Have a good day all…

Belated greeting to all :slightly_smiling_face: it is dull and dreary here. Better news for tomorrow though, 2022 will be welcomed here in the SW with 14 degrees and sunny spells!

I had a nice surprise this morning, my son-in-law left a lovely bunch of flowers on my doorstep. That cheered me up no end :grinning:

Enjoy your evening and those who are celebrating, please take care.

I received a letter from my vascular surgeon this morning about the scan I had a few weeks ago. He says everything is working as it should and there’s nothing to worry about. He’s booking me in for another scan in 12 months time and will let me know in the coming weeks the exact time and date :thinking:


Good news @Percy_Vere, I’m very pleased for you…. :slightly_smiling_face:

For some reason my original post was ‘edited’ - will whoever did it at least tell me why!

Did I misspell a word? Put the wrong date? Upset someone?

I don’t mind being edited so long as I know why - that way I don’t do it again!